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Hi All,Currently our SRST Router has a High Process Memory , usage almost 81%, see details below. I would like to know if we could fix this by adding additional memory? Also if we can add a memory for Cisco CISCO2951/K9 Router?SRST-Router#sh proc mem...

Anybody seen this or know how to get the switch to boot back into NX-OS?  We upgraded a pair of Nexus 6001s to 6.0(2)N2(1)... one came up fine, the other keeps coming up to a BASH-3.2# prompt and we appear to have full root access.I'm guessing this i...

mmarvel by Level 1
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Please helpmy ASA is not routing internal routes on the same VLANASA   connects to  remote networkUsers: default gateway is ASAi need to forward network on ASA to cis...

Hi,My Customer uses Cat6509-E with WS-X6724-SFP.This interface sometimes increases "ifOutDiscards" and "qos0Outlost" .Please look at attachments.# This Log is "show interfaces counters int gig x/x"# Count of "ifOutDiscards" and "qos0Outlost" is equal...

r.ogawa by Level 1
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A new Cisco 3750V2 (WS-C3750V2-48PS-S) running IOS 'c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-50.SE5.bin' waspurchased to add to a stack of 3 Cisco 3750 (WS-C3750-48PS-S) switches. The IOS on the stacked switches is 'c3750-ipbase-mz.122-25.SEB4.bin'.I loaded this IOS on...

dasgill by Level 1
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Resolved! CPU impact on PBR

Hi,I have a Cisco 7609 with 2 x RSP720-3CXL module. The current traffic utilization is about 3Gbps and the CPU is less than 5%. Traffic utilization is expected to increase up to 10Gbps.I need to do PBR for all TCP (only) traffic to another device. Wo...

Resolved! HTTPS v/s SSL VPN

Does https create any tunnel ? What is the diffenrence in working of SSL VPN and HTTPS ?If we are opening  secured website using SSL VPN ,will there be a 3 way handshake? Can some one please explain the difference between the two using packet flow or...

hi! because of downsizing we are migrating from lease line to internet vpn, and there's possibilty of going for a flat network, because we do not want to mix the Network segment betwee the lease line/MPLS to the Internet VPN site to site IP range.In ...

dave dave by Level 1
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