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Looking for a little help in why a newly created Vlan shows down/down when I issue a sh ip int brief command.My setup is an AP with two SSIDs on two different Vlans (4 and 7). Traffic flows properly across Vlan 4, but Vlan 7 shows it is in a down sta...

Hi I just type username Switch01 without password to access the switch via Mobaxterm, I got the below response directly. The switch used to be accessed via ISE server for authentication. Anyone have some suggestions?  login as: Switch01Keyboard-inter...

Leftz by Level 4
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What does the fouth line mean exactly ?1. The packet's destination IP address matches the device's IP address or the broadcast address. The device de-encapsulates the packet.2. The packet is an ICMP packet. The ICMP process processes it.3. The ICMP ...

File "usbflash0:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.05b.SPA.bin" uncompressed and installed, entry point: 0x816902d0Loading Linux kernel with entry point 0x816902d0 ...Bootloader: Done loading app on core_mask: 0xf ### Launching Linux Kernel (flags = 0x5) at...

The switch automatically restarted last night, and the cause of the problem has not been found after searching the Internet for a long time. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem. After restarting, the error message is as follows, and t...

Translator by Community Manager
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After upgrading the IOS of our Cat9500 to Version 16.12.4, we starting getting several Rx power low warnings: Mar 9 09:27:39 EST: %SFF8472-3-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Twe2/0/1: Rx power low warning; Operating value: -10.3 dBm, Threshold value: -8.0 dBm.Ma...

broow by Level 1
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Hello, We used ARUBA CPPM as NAC authentication for our Cisco switches (9200, 2960) but we have an issue that some users get err-disabled after a while as the below log:10638546: Jan 11 08:04:26: %AUTHMGR-5-SECURITY_VIOLATION: Security violation on t...