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problems with username/password

I am working on a cisco 9300 switch with the 17.3.3 software installed. it has been configured to require a logon to enter privileged exec mode, but when we go to verify the configuration worked it does not require the logon. Myself and another engin...

Setup tftp server in SecureCRT

Hi we have SecureCRT and want to use it as tftp server. After enabling tftp server, we can see tftp server is activated (please see the screenshot below, bottom line). but do not know where the ios should be stored at the PC. Anyone can give some sug...


EtherChannel, Spanning tree

Hi guys, I'm new to the community and networking in general. I am just learning about Etherchannels and STP, but had a question.  I have set up two Etherchannels from say Switch one to Switch two, and also from Switch one to Switch three.  They both ...

Cisco 2960x Downgrade problem

Hi, Could you inform me if it is possible to downgrade from version 15.2(4)E6 to 15.2(2)E7 ? Is it necessary to do a special manipulation ? I tried to do it with the following commands but the Switch doesn't seem to start correctly. archive download-...

Fred06 by Beginner
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Resolved! CBS350 static route doesn't show on cli

Hey Y'all,I'm configuring a new CBS350 and am just trying to add static routes via the command line, using the usb console.  I set the route, but 'show ip route' doesn't show it:cisco-peach(config)#ip route metr...

h1pp13p373 by Beginner
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Resolved! Unable to Ping brand new 9300

I ave a brand new 9300 with very little configuration on it.  When I get new switches I give them a bogus IP, configure a trunk port, and connect them to my network.  Once I have connectivity I use VTP, and begin configuring the switch.     I did tha...

COKIMSDEPT by Beginner
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Resolved! RSTP vs rapid-pvst

Are RSTP and rapid-pvst the same spanning tree mode? And what about the Meraki RSTP? someone please shed some light on this.   

hmc2500 by Beginner
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Resolved! changing VTP from 3 to 1

Hi.. Need help changing the vtp mode on a stack. It looks like one of my stacks 3850 the vtp was configure it wrong and I'm missing some vlans.Stack config:VTP Version capable : 1 to 3VTP version running : 3VTP Domain Name : namehereVTP Pruning Mode ...

eduardojp by Beginner
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Cisco CBS250 SSH and Telnet Config

Hi Guys,I have a problem with my Cisco CBS250 switch. When I want to create a user and password than Im getting below message. "sw1(config)#username abc privilege 15 secret 5 testp@ssword (also I tried different password type )% Wrong number of param...

shorasan by Beginner
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