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I am using a cisco WS-C3548-XL running IOS (tm) C3500XL Software (C3500XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5)WC17, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1).In the documentation I see the command to change which version of spanning-tree is     (config)#spanning-tree mode xyzOn t...

rn.becker by Beginner
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Hello everybody.There is a Cisco Catalyst 6513 in my office. Recently we decided to setup redundant Supervisor Engine 720-3B. When we did it, its became STANDBY COLD, and then it reloads. IOS is equal on both supervisors. It must be STANDBY HOT (SSO)...

HiI have attached an image of my network.I want to ping at Switch 4 (IP: from the Switch 1. I can ping  all the VLAN/IPs on switch 3 from Switch 1. Switch 3 can ping Switch 4. But can't ping from switch 1.What configurations is re...

hislam by Beginner
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I guess i am just getting old and forgot how this works, or i have an IOS load with an undocumented feature in it.A customer of ours wishes to have their exchange server appear to the outside world on a seperate IP address as their public pool addres...

ralphw by Beginner
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I have a 3750 stack setup as DHCP server on two vlans. I get an ip and default gateway when plugging into a port configured. The problem is this:I plug into vlan 20 and get an IP of 10.1.20.x and default gateway of can ping and I c...

martens72 by Beginner
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When we tested this walk on lan with the below config on primary core switch, the solu working but if we put the walk on lan tool on separate server other than the dhcp server , then it is not working.we were using walkonlangui.exe and walkonlanmonit...

Hi Everyone,I have 2 switches running as HSRP and both have DHCP  config  on them.Both these switches have connection  to 3rd switch where PC is connected.Connection between HSRP switches and 3rd switch is not trunk it is access port only.VLAN 10 is ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello Friends,I have a new Cisco Router 1841. I believe this is the OS name ( c1841-ipbase-mz.150-1.m6.bin ) This is my first Router to configure. Now, PCs in the local network can ping or tracert But, none of the PCs of the local network ...

I would normally do this inside of the network on our switches, but we want to allow connections only from a specific ip to a specific ip on a specific port, so the only option was to do it in the ASA.  I created a redundant interface on the ASA, and...

alexray92 by Beginner
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