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Hi,cisco 6509 is not able to sync with unix ntp and windows 2008 server. earlier we have configured to win 2003 server (which is a domain controller) and it worked fine. recently our windows team has introduced win 2008 in the AD environment and my c...

Hi all,I've just been reading up on STP root guard, and whilst I'm sure there are plenty, I'm struggling to see scenario's where you would use this over bpdu guard.If you are talking about access ports accessible outside of a secured wiring closet, t...

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Hi all,I have some DHCP trouble since I subnetted my network with a 2921.My clinets are in and DHCP servers are in, randomly I guess, I get NACK from my DHCP server, and if I look into DHCP logs I got something l...

Hi,Yesterday my router was hangs and my services was stuck. I start the router hard booted and it works fine.This was second time i was facing this kind of scenario. The attached are the "show tech support" of the cisco router 2821. do help me in thi...

Resolved! bad mask /24

Hi I need to enter the config below on one of our core switches - interface vlan 603description *** HOTEL_TRANS ***ip address access-group ACL_HOTEL_TRANS instandby 602 ip 602 timers 1 4standby 602 prior...

Hi All,i have a N5K VPC connected to a Cisco 3750 Port Channel, i would like to know if i shutdow one interface from intefaces composed the Port Channel, can i have a traffic loss?best regards

lazhar.ch by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I require some assistance with a Cisco 892.  The router is running at the moment with the current setup.Gigabit Ethernet 0 port for the ethernet internet connection.Fast Ethernet 8 port for the internal lan.VPN tunnel configured for a ...

Resolved! 4506 E

I'm trying to understand if I have a classic 4506, can I not use E-series line cards. I want to add a WS-X4606-X2-E & also WS-X4712-SFP+E blade.  Will i need to upgrade my chassis to a 4506 E

raine1378 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,Object tracking with static routes allows you to monitor a target with the ability to remove and then add a new route to the routing table, but in my scenario, when the target is unreachable (upstream device), I would like to stop adverti...