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Hi - I have a blade server environment and I am trying to decide on which I/O modules to use....I have the choice of a full blown switch or a traffic aggregator (FEX-type) module. The blade I/O will be uplinked to a pair of 6509s with the ACE module....

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Hi GuysAnother day, another weird happening. Here it goes:Background:In our network, we have separated different traffics through the use of VRFs. So we have multiple VRFs which have expanded throughout the network. The connecting point between the V...

Resolved! Missing next hops

Hi,I posted this question before - hoping to have better luck this time. Can someone explain to me why I'm missing next hops on some of these routes?Thank youO E2 [110/20] via, 1d16h, GigabitEthernet0/0/0O E2     10.3.8....

#sh run | inc user!username USER0 secret 5 $1$passwordusername USER1 privilege 15 secret 5 $1$passwordusername USER2 privilege 15 secret 5 $1$password!#sh run | inc aaa!aaa new-modelaaa authentication login local_authen localaaa authentication login ...

Hey guys,Quick question. I know it's not best practice but I have a network that currently all on VLAN 1 and can't be migrated to a new VLAN easily. Can I connect an access port in VLAN 1 to and access port on VLAN 20 on another switch? It's all the ...

I have a question regarding cabling. What would the symptoms be if I were experiencing interference in my cabling? We are having some issues with some devices in our manufacturing area. I see no errors on the switch port, yet there is intermittent co...

Resolved! Nexus Ping loss

We have two Nexus 7k used as core in a site, they are doing VPC and have portchannel between . The ping from one to other loses constantly with 0.5% percent. and I did ping from one of them to the switches that directly connect to them. the ping is a...

Hello everybody.I can not find any information about management port of Cisco ISR 2911, 2921 and so on.There is management port in specification of 2911 and 2921 and I do not know if this port can be as a simple Ethernet port – forward traffic in/out...

VictorCL59 by Beginner
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Hi there.I'm looking to configure a syslog server for all of my cisco device logging. I've had a look at CNA and can't find any options to define a syslog server for my switches.What's the best way to define a syslog server and the severity of the no...

Locayta123 by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF default

hi,i have a trinagle network     B and C are connected to A ,a has static default route to isp,while ospf is configured on all three ,b and c does not generate acandidate default routein theirrouting table.Here all links are 34 mb,i.e.        A 34  /...

Hello,We have an ethernet backbone/backhaul with Cisco (mostly 2960). Our links providers operate fiber SDH network and they give us the links with 100/1000 Ethernet interfaces.This creates a problem because while the interfaces are 100/1000 the link...

mario_kmc by Beginner
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