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Routing issues between sites A & B via MPLS

Hi All,Hope you can help with this one or certainly point me in the right direction.We have two MPLS circuits managed by two different suppliers, one carries VOICE the other DATAWe are to decommision the VOICE MPLS and have increased the bandwith of ...

QoS on wireless network

Hi, Let's talk about QoS on wireless network.I am not sure how to proper deploy a QoS in wireless network.Based on Cisco documents. looks it create several SSIDs and seperate clients by SSID.How to do it? we may mixed high priority and low priority a...

Resolved! PCEX-3G-CDMA-V Question

I understand that the PCEX-3G-HSPA requires and a sim card. I also have a PCEX-3G-CDMA-V. Does this require a sim card as well? And if so, where is  the sim card installed?Thanks, Pat  

Resolved! IS 4507R FAN Tray hot swappable?

HiWe have a Cisco 4507R switch with sup V. This switch fan tray has partial problem .No light in fan tray. We got another fan tray. Can any one tells me is it hot swappable?What procedure should I flow without any interruption our live network?Would ...

aminulnt by Beginner
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Resolved! Router 2921 + EHWIC-4ESG Config

Hello Recently bought a module EHWIC 4ESG-in will install the cisco router 2921. But the cisco router is not recognizing this module. How to proceed?sh invNAME: "CISCO2921/K9 chassis", DESCR: "CISCO2921/K9 chassis"PID: CISCO2921/K9      , VID: V01 , ...

ios issue with vlan update

Hi, I am trying to change the default IP address in vlan 1 on a cisco 861 but everything I do so my connection via SSH hangs and all ssh/telnet attempts are refused.my commands are as followed:int vlan 1ip address[hangs]my c...

1712 High Processor Utilization

Hello,I am running a 1712 12.4(25d) with NAT, VPN and FW/IDS.  I have a broadband ethernet connection at 20mb.  As I run some traffic through it, the processor jumps up to near 100% and throughput comes to a screeching halt.  IP CEF is turned on and ...

m-sherman by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF areas

Hello Everyone,Please see attached file. When I issue the command"show ip route ospf", it gave me nothing. How areas affect OSPF enabled routers? I already configured this in one area and it works fine, but why is that if I configure multiple areas o...

mactej6228 by Beginner
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Resolved! WS-C2960S-48FPD-L STACKING

How many Switches can be stacked  with WS-C2960S-48FPD-L at a max..As per my Knowledge it is 4 and as below..Switch 1 to Switch 2Switch 2 to Switch 3Switch 3 to Switch 4Switch 4 to Switch 1If yes then, is it mandatory to do the "Switch 4 to Switch 1"...

Resolved! 802.1X support

Where can I get information about 802.1X support of old WS-C3548-XL-EN, WS-C3524-XL-EN switches?I understand that they do not support any 802.1X feature, but I need to confirm it.thank you

ev1205 by Explorer
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