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Hi AllWe are having two sites connected via point to point link and at one end we are having 3750-x and 4507main site, i configured a routing port on both switches and established connectivity.Everything work perfectly internally however end devices ...

We have a very large number of Cisco 2960 series switches (in production and new in storage) with no plan to upgrade anytime soon [my agency is broke :(].  My question is since these switches only support layer-2 and IGMPv3 is minimum supported with ...

fsebera by Level 4
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hi all, can anyone explain briefly how lacp works, am i right in saying lacp is a dynamic way of teaming links? what would be classed as fixed type ?

Is there a command to suppress output warnings in IOS? I am trying to use Cisco Prime to configure a template to deploy to all my switches so that they will all have a standard configuration, but when I apply:spanning-tree portfast defaultI get the w...

Resolved! VTP implementation

Hello Guys,We have 6509 switch and 10 more switches (some of them are cluster), of these 10 switches four are servers and rest are transparent including the 6509 switch. So we would like to make 6509 as server and rest as clients, but the rev on 4 se...

prabhu446 by Level 1
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hello, Can anyone provide assistance on how to change the default AAA tacacs role in the nexus environment?  By default if you authenticate with tacacs you are place in the VDC operator role, which limits you to the changes you can make.Thanks,

hi , i have error console msg on my router 7600 which is MLS Jan  2 15:19:33.624: %ADJ-3-RESOLVE_REQ: Adj resolve request: Failed to resolve x.x.65.250 GigabitEthernet1/2what does this mean ???????/i have another error message which appeared yesterda...

Dr.X by Level 2
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I am currently planning out a secure multi-tenant solution using a Nexus 7010 (which I have no hands on experience with).I will be having four separate VDCs and need to configure them as follows:CORE SERVERS<--------V-------------V-----------V       ...

Hi AllI emplamented the configuration example of this link : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk389/tk815/technologies_configuration_example09186a008015f17a.shtmlMy architecture is the same as show on the link with some differenceI use the router 1841...

nicanor00 by Level 1
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Hi All,getting CPU utilization around 62%  CPU utilization for five seconds: 54%/6%; one minute: 61%; five minutes: 61%PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process 35 82081 9642 8512 0.31% 0.21% 0.18% 0 Compute load avg 48 183084 1353073 ...

HelloI read in Cisco document to span traffic with VLAN tag i have to configure the destination port in trunk mode, something like this:Configuring a Destination Port as an Unconditional TrunkTo tag the monitored traffic as it leaves a destination po...

Hi everybody.Let say we need to request a publicly accessible  " AS" and " Ip address block"   assignment for our network.What are our options?   Can we just contact a ISP and that isp can assign us a publicly accessible " AS" and Ip address block?Or...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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