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3750x master switch crash

About an hour ago I had the master switch on one of my 3750x (WS-C3750X-48PF-S) stacks crash. The only two items we've found that could have caused this issue are the roughly 1.3 million big buffer misses and several of the following in the syslogSLT...

gocarroll by Beginner
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Different NX-OS + VPc domains

Hello All,I have 2 Nexus 7010 with 2 (chassis A and chassis B) supervisors each one and i will upgrade a NX-OS from 4.2(4) to 4.8(2). I plan upgrade chassis A and after chassis B. In each chassis have 4 VDCs and 2 VPc domains. After completing the up...


Hello, can someone tell me how to tell a catalyst swicth (maybe 3750) to use only DCSP or COS for queueing. sometimes when i use DSCP, i notice some COS only marked packets goes into queue based on default COS mapping.is there a way to tell the switc...

akin_lopez by Beginner
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port flapping in STP domain

HiIf one port is flapping for every one minute (up down) ,what's happened for switches of STP domain?Does this flapping effect on whole STP switches?May this flapping totally down STP domain?Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

N.ima0102 by Beginner
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Resolved! Net Flow "ip flow route-cache flow"

Quick question on net flow. I was configuring net flow for management to SolarWinds. I noticed that "ip flow route-cache flow" doesn't work on the interface of the ASR 1001 router. From what I understand, "ip flow route-cache flow" enables net flow t...

Resolved! 802.1q in q on cisco 3750 for metro e

Hello,I am trying to test a new metro e circuit for internet, keep in mind this is a test and I am out of interfaces on our 2811 router at the moment to run this new test network AND our current production network.So I am wondering if I can do this s...

Resolved! 4507 sho run not showing correct information

                   Looking at the following output (show interface status) from one of our 4507s I see gig interfaces 3/2 to 3/6 are all trunked (dot1q). When I look at a show run they do not show as trunked. They should indicate switchport trunk enc...

tcorbett by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF LSA Flooding

Hello,According to Cisco, each router originally advertising an LSA refloods each LSA based on a per-LSA Link State Refresh timer(30 minutes default).In case that other routers do not have their LSA refreshed within each's LSA Maxage timer, they will...

Image install Problem

  Hi,I want to copy a file from one ASR1001 and copy it to another. I ntried using tftp 32 but this is not going to work as the image is 315 MB. Can someone please give me directions on how to copy an image from one router directly to another router'...

DHCP Snooping - over L3 WAN link

Looked over the documentation and most of the DHCP snooping posts here, but have yet to see a scenario such as the one that I'm getting ready to roll out…wanna get it correct the 1st time.Here's what it looks like…•Hub / Spoke topology•Hub an...

Doubt about STP

Hi all.I have 2 switches, one with RSTP enable and the other no.I have connected it using 2 cables. I have observed that STP doesn't block any port.I have show the CAM table and I have observed that the ports of the switch that doesn't has STP enable...

Resolved! Cisco Catalyst 2950

Good Morning,I'm having a few issues with a Cisco Catalyst 2950 48 port Switch where by i'm trying to access the system, ( Note I've ommited customer identifying information with Astrix )I've followed the password recover procedure and set the passwo...