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Dear All,please help with the proper configuration that i should use to configure port security on cisco 2960 switch with the below setup                   i saw two types of setup and i don`t know which one is correct or even better1- interface Giga...

                  All,in a network with multiple subnets is there any configuration on Cisco switches needed to allow multicast traffic to traverse all the different subnets? All switches involved are 3750 v2s.Thanks in advance!  All replies rated.

angel-moon by Participant
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Hi,I have this card installed onmy 3845 running version 12.4(18). But this card fails to show up.here is what I found in a show tech.any ideas?WIC Slot 0: Unknown WAN daughter card WIC module not supported/disabled in this slot Hardware Revision ...

Currently I have a network that looks like this:ASA5510 - - - Internet - - - ASA5510     |                                             |EIGRP                                 EIGRP     |                                              |2821 -----------MP...

                   I am creating vpc port channels from (2) nexus 7k to 3750x edge stacks.  It looks like I am limited to only 48 port channel ID per 3750x.  Does this mean if I have 100 stacks I will only be able to VPC 48 of them?  I am not limited...

markfester by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I have 4948 switch but i am unaable to determine its 4948E or Just 4948 as there is some confusion between BOQ and actual delivered material. In Boq its mentioned 4948E but as per switch show commands output its looks like just 4948.I need to...

We have a need to track specifc subnets on our two 6509s, running IOS version 12.2(18)SXF16. Basically, we want to do this:track 1 reachabilitytrack 2 reachabilityHowever, the 6509 IOS only prov...

aweise by Beginner
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Hello,I currently have a network with (8) 2960 Cisco Switches.  (6) of the 2960 switches are etherchanneled back to (2) 2960 switches in the computer room.  I would like to setup QOS on the (8) switches, however the traffic is very differnt on each o...

I would like suggestions from anyone with upgrade experience with the 6509E on what IOS versionto use. This is a new install, so I want the most current version that supports SSH and works withdual supervisors. Thanks for your suggestions.Here is som...

Our 871 no longer allows us to make changes to it.   I was told the contract ran out, so I renewed it and Cisco support then added the contract to my serial number.   What now?   Is there a step required to have the router check in with Cisco so that...