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Nexus 93k questions

Hi AllI am looking at a Nexus 9300 switch, just to do switchingWith regards to licences do you have to buy the subscription licence and the switch licence, so basically I would need the below? - ACI & NX-OS Subscription Essential package for 1G Nexus...


Hi All,   I am looking for a Document which shows that, "If a switch goes for continuous reload of 5 times within a period of 15mins, automatically AUTOREBOOT will be disabled and switch goes switch: prompt".   I am Using CAT9300 and CAT9300L switche...

sivaragh by Cisco Employee
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Power supply and PoE for IE-2000-16PTC-G-E

We are looking at purchasing a Cisco industrial switch IE-2000-16PTC-G-E and there are several power supplies listed for this switch. We are unsure which one to get that will power PoE on all 16 ports. Also, we are unsure how many PoE ports this swit...

chbgcisco by Beginner
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Resolved! VoIP Configuration ISR4331

Hi Guys, I have on one of my project problem with VoIP router Cisco ISR 4331 and Cisco Switch SG 250 interconnection. So ISR 4331 configuration on the port g0/0/0 which is connected with SG 250 is as follow: interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1ip address 1...

Resolved! Remote management of layer 2 switch

I was wondering what would be best practice, or the preferred method to remotely manage a layer 2 switch from a separate network.  I'm a network novice.  I understand basic concepts, but what I lack is the experience.  The network I'm trying to reach...

9606R minimum power supply

 Hi,My team is questioning that can 9606R having only 2 PSU AC with one psu connected to main ac power source and other psu connected to UPS function normally if the main power supply breaks ie wirh only one psu connected to ups.I am suggesting to ad...

adeebtaqui by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cisco 9300 Output Drops and QoS

 I really hope someone can point me in the right direction over this one – in one form or another it’s quite longstanding and causing me quite a headache. We are having problems with poor video conferencing performance in various parts of the network...

IE 3200

Hello, We need to configure a SIP Explosion Proof telephone (Gaitronics A4 SIP Ex Proof Tel) at site and connect it using the IE 3200 switch.Question,Could you confirm if PoE can be provided as per 802.3af Mode B for this switch?? The switch model is...

Resolved! C9200L as L3 switch

Hello,I want to implement a project with 3 L3 switches. The equipment must support full L3 capabilities (especially OSPF) and multicast (PIM, IGMP). Due to budget restrictions, I cannot go with C9300, so I was thinking about C9200L with the Network A...

Recommended Levels for Storm Control

hi,i've been searching for some "best practice" or recommendations to configure storm control in a cisco switch.we got a lot of sites and don't have the luxury of time to compute/customize these levels in our switching environment for each site.can i...

Resolved! webui question

Working on configuring new C9300 switches.  In the getting started guide for configuration it indicates I can plug PC into any unmanaged network port on the switch and use the WEBUI site at to configure the switch.  The PC must be configu...

Bobby P by Beginner
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SG550 added a bunch of configuration changes to older SG500 switching in my network when plugged in.

one of our buildings has a handful of SG500 switches.  we're slowly replacing them with the SG550 series switches.  We plugged in the first SG550 today and it automatically added a bunch of configuration lines to the other switches in the network.  E...

EGiblock by Beginner
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