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SG350x-48 Web UI Login Hangs 70%

Hi All, I read about this problem online and it said to try https instead of http but this does not work. Login hangs at 70% for any account entered and from any workstation, O/S or browser. Ideas?

corrigun by Beginner
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Use Serviceability Features to Troubleshoot your Cat9K as a Cisco TAC Engineer - AMA

Take the opportunity to reach out to our expert and discuss best practices regarding on how to troubleshoot a live network and identify the root cause easily. Learn more about Serviceability and how to provide full access to the administrator in ord...

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Cisco 9300 POE problem

I have 2 9300 switches that are OOB new without configurationSwitch one is:bootstrap 16.8.1r (FC4)IOSXE 16.06.04a Switch two is:bootstrap 16.12.2.rIOSXE 16.06.04a Switch one will power a Ieee PD class 4 device file, while switch two will not power th...

Resolved! HIGH CPU on 3560 L2

OUTSIDE-DIST#sh proc cpu | ex 0.0Core 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 85%; one minute: 86%; five minutes: 88%Core 1: CPU utilization for five seconds: 83%; one minute: 93%; five minutes: 83%Core 2: CPU utilization for five seconds: 100%; one min...

Catalyst 2960L WebUI working but not loading page

Hi all,I have a strange behavior from WebUI. After updating a 2960L to 15.2.7E3 I have been unable to access the content of the switch web pges.The HTML folder is there, after learning that the .tar file is the right upgrade (initially updated to the...

Lukaviye by Beginner
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Host Flapping between ports fix?

Hi, in our network we have few hubs connected, some time if any end user connects two ports of hub with any tail Cisco switch ( in normal only one port from hub should be connected to Cisco switch) we see host MAC address flapping alerts like this.Oc...

ahmad82pkn by Beginner
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Resolved! CISCO 2960X etherchannel with Checkpoint / Span blocking one member after software upgrade

Good evening, we are running a CISCO 2960X with an LACP etherchannel to a port bond on our Checkpoint with abouth 7 VLANs using the bond.This was running fine on 15.2(2)E4.In a short maintenance we rebooted the switch, knowing that it would upgrade t...

Embedded Packet Capture IE2000

is the  Embedded Packet Capture supported on IE2000 switches?  I see the command available on an IE2000 switch that is running a 15.X code but the I am not able to collect any packets when configuring the buffer and the capture point. monitor capture...