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Nexus VDC

     So i have been reading about the Nexus line and the benefits of VDCs etc. I understand them for the most part. So my question:Say you have 2 VDCs (not including the default 1) Lets call these VCD 10 and DVC 20.  Do theese VDCs actually route any...

mikegrous by Participant
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6500 Trunk issue

Hi,I have an issue with a 6500 trunk, this unit has a SUP720 and multiple 6148-GE-TX cards. The configuration is a simple one, and has a simple fix. I have VLAN 203 on two ports, one port simply has an end station on it and the other port has a 2851 ...

Resolved! Routing between same subnet...

Hi from Australia y'all,I have a W2K server with 2 NIC: -> Ethernet connection to internal workstations, DHCP service enabled; -> Ethernet connection to Linksys AM-300 ADSL Modem (RRAS demand dial PPPoE).This works fine. Clients on...

adrianoday by Beginner
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Dot1q and ISL

Hi, May i inquire if dot1q and isl can work on the same network (i.e. switch to switch connection are ISL and my AP to switch connection is Dot1q).Antbody here who have tried this setup. Does it work?Thanks.

DHCP Snooping and IP Source Guard.

I want to enable the DHCP snooping on 4500 switches (SUP6E), is it must to enable the IP source guard or static ip source guard for static ip address in the network?, as I know ip static source guard is not supported on sup6E.Regards

fayyaz_s by Beginner
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Cat6-Sup Engine II - Replace Secondary Sup Procedure

Hi,Secondary SUP is facing some Hw problem, had RMA the unit and would like to replace it.But I have few question here:1) Current SUPs and running IOS 12.2.(18)SXD6.2) The RMA unit may running IOS other than 12.2(18)SXD6.When I replace the secondary ...

tckoon by Beginner
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6500 Power Issue

I am working in a new building where there are a lot of construction and power outages and our 6500 switches reboot unexpectedly. I think the issue is power fluctuations and/or low power input to our switches, but can not proof it to the contracting...

Reza Sharifi by Hall of Fame Expert
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ipv6 addressing on pc's

HiWhen adding an ipv6 address onto a pc, how many addresses do they have, is it 2 ? link local, then either unique local, or global address ? orhope someone can helpthanksCarl

small network, 2960, layer 3...

Hello all.I'm planning a new LAN in a new office:- Over 80 users- Data LAN + voIP (so i need POE).- I need Layer 3 in a distibution/core: i would like a stack with layer 3.- I want EtherChannels between access layer and distibution/core layer.- Floor...