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I'm writing custom Smartport macros and it appears that there are system variables that are not documented anywhere.  The documentation clearly shows how you can add custom variables, but all examples reference the following system variables:$LINKUP$...

Resolved! 2960S stacking

Hello AllI need to Stack 2 nos of 2960S series switch.Can anyone confirm that is the 2960S series Switch shipped with a Flexstack module or do i have to purchase it seperatelt or is there any other solution to stack it.Thanks

Hi All,Just a quick question.Say I had a subnet of with a gateway of, but then a requirement comes along to subnet the network, into four subnets.

HiI am trying to figure out how to design my network.The basic topology is Internet --> Gateway -> Router -> Switch -> PC'sOn the switch I want to create 14 seperate VLAN's.Each VLAN should have a subnet of 10.10.10.x/29 which gives me 6 useable addr...

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Hello All !When  you try to do Ubrl see this error:Aug 23 10:31:05.668 MSK: %FM_EARL7-4-NO_FLOWMASK_REGISTERS: Feature configuration on interface GigabitEthernet1/48 could not allocate required flowmask registers, traffic may be switched in softwareA...

Please view the attachment. I have several servers connected to a Cisco 4506. When I perform a #show mac-address interface g2/2 a unicast mac-address show up, which is normal behavior. On other ports when I run the same command a unicast mac does NOT...

Hello Friends:I have a problem, in the log of  one of my Switch Cisco Catalyst 3750, appears the following error message.00:00:29.704: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_POST_ERR: Inline Power Feature is disabled on this switch because     Power On Self Test (POS...

Hello-My company recently purchased a 2911 Integrated services router and I have been charged with figuring out how to configure it.  Our ISP has provided us with the following information:Our carriers circuit is coming to us via Chicago Loop's metro...

Hello,I am working on a lab at work before doing some changes on the cisco network.I have a 3750 and a 2960. They are connected and configured.When I do a connection between those switch on their Giga interface with a GLC-LH-SM everything works fine....