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Hi all,I did a little network diagram and I am hoping somebody can help.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v652/mypersonalpics/f34b1916.jpgAs you can see from my diagram, I have 2 core devices which are 6509's and then connected directly to SW1 and SW...

We are currently running rip ver 2 on our Cisco network.  We are discussing moving to EIGRP.  Is that still the recommended routing method & can it be implemented on several routers at a time or does everything have to be switched over at once?  Shou...

chill8888 by Beginner
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We already have a system that is using a SPAN port, and we're about to implement an IDS with 3 sniffing interfaces. Unfortunately, all network devices are plugged into our two 6500's that are running as VSS, and we need a total of 4 SPAN ports. I'd p...

baskervi by Beginner
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Resolved! 3750G T Issue

I have a 2 3750G 24T's that are connected via Stackwise cables that has recently started kicking out some errors and I cant seem to make heads or tails out of them.  Here are the errors:Mar  1 11:05:30: %LINK-3-BADMACREG: Interface StackPort1, non-ex...

jonesl1 by Beginner
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Hey allI am having some trouble getting my head around this concept and I just want someone to explain if they can, before I pull my hair outAssume I have the following config on my switchinterface FastEthernet0/1 switchport access vlan 10 switchport...

Hey Guys,So I'm about to throw up some policy based routing on my core switch and wanted to ask for a second pair of eyes on my config so I don't really mess things up. This is what I'm planning to throw on my 4507 to send traffic for my specific hos...

Hello everyoneI am confuse about the routed port on layer 3 switch , Can someone please help me out why we have to configure routed port on the layer 3 switch .As we all know that layer 3 switch can do VLAN routing then we need to configure routed po...

Hi all,I usally have problem in setting boot variable in chasis based switches(single or redundant sup) or 7600 routers.confused with sup-bootdisk, bootdisk, sup-bootflash, disk0, system flash, boot flash... etc.What decides to set up correct boot va...

We have an old 5500 that has been acting as our vtp server for years.  we plan to remove the 5500 soon.  We have an 6500 that is running in client mode now, we wish to reverse the roles of the 6500 and 5500.  Making the 6500 the server and the 5500 t...

broow by Beginner
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If I have two VDC on each nx7000How many cables I need to connect them all ?I heard one pair(two physical link) for each VDC ?!?So I will need four physical dedicate links ?!ThanksJohnson

jchan by Beginner
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Hi all, We have multiple VLAN's with one DHCP server. I have configured what I think is correct to get different VLAN's picking up a dhcp address from the VLAN with the DHCP server in but, it doesn't seem to be working. Here is the config. (VLAN 10 h...

we have two 6500's on two campus separated by a mile with aerial fiber connecting the switches.  We have contracted with a local provider to supply a redundant fiber path.  We pay a monthly fee to have the fiber and will pay an additional fee if we h...

broow by Beginner
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I'm having a very frustrating issue with a 2821 router. Its configured with zone-based firewall, URL filtering, ssl vpn...etc..Very long configuration. Problem is, it no longer will allow me to save the configuration. I tried write erase, erase nvram...

Aaron D by Beginner
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Hiwe have 6509 switch working as Core which is connected to Juniper firewall and running ospf over the point to pint connectivity.the firewall is giving default route in ospf to core switch while core switch is providing lan sisde routes to firewall....

sameermunj by Beginner
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