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Hi, I am having trouble of importing 3 used 1921/K9 switch to build up a lab for CCNA exam, shortly after the switches arrived, the Custom and Excise Department of Hong Kong told me I may infringe the strategic commodity regulation, and request me to...

cmo1 by Level 1
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Hi Please suggest a dmz switch , there are web server and proxy  server hosted  Preferred a data center grade (nexus) switch  with 10g uplink Thanks  

I own SG220-50P and SG220-26P switches for my home network.  I have always kept the firmware updated.  Other than assigning them each a static IP address, I have kept the switch settings at default.  I have never downloaded and installed the MIB soft...

XrayDoc88 by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I am fairly new to Cisco and network configs, and have a question regarding the mentioned products.I would like to setup a router on a stick with the 2951 router and the ES3 module acting as a switch.  Situation: 1 pc, 1 server connect...

jotbarkis by Level 1
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Current setupAll internal traffic hits the perimeter firewall (Cisco ASA) and either has a static nat translation to a public IP or it gets assigned one via the following statementnat (any,OUTSIDE) after-auto source dynamic any pat-pool obj-global-eg...

jbrannen by Level 1
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Hi,When i configure switch port security maximum 1 and sticky ,i always got mac address violation error.I try to use shut and unshut on port but cannor solve. I tried reset mac address table but still cannot solved.Let me know any other way to resolv...

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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Hi all,i need to put again in production 4x 2960 swithes,which were disconnected by error.The switches were stacked in 2x 2960 stack.The problem is that now i have only 1 switch available per stack,because the two slaves were sent to another company ...

gabelz by Level 1
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Hi, Could use some advise. Looking to upgrade a small office network, currently using 2 CE520 24port switches since around 2009 Having upgraded the rest of the network we are now looking to replace these switches with something that supports 1000MB p...

ben.wyatt by Level 1
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hiI was just testing new switch catalyst 3650 for stand by in case of old switch failure, i am facing following the issue1. I have two back bone L3 switch provided by my ISP that is of juniper connected in VRRP mode.2. I presently two L3 extreme swit...