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addressing scheme for lan segments

hi What the best practice for assing addresses between L3 devices connected all together like a star in a L3 switch. I noticed from some examples they use ip addressess with 32 subnet mask but i dont understand why. Is there any problem if i use ips ...

bkoum by Beginner
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6500 smartnet and IDSM modules

hi, does anyone know which 6500 modules require a separate software license? I have some IDSM-2 modules which use software that requires a seperate software license. Are there any other 6500 modules like this? (FWSMs? CMM?) I'm trying to make su...

Static NATing between Private addresses..

i'd like to convert one of our new sites to the network without re-ipping the site to fit our subnets. Can i do some static natting between (existing network) and, which will allow me to route and use the existing 192.1...


We seem to have a real issue SSH'ing from one cisco device to another , it becomes real slow and even put in like characters that were not typed. We did not have this problem when we were using telnet only. Any seen this or have any ideas on what ...

Nat inside and NAT outside

In CCNA books the classical NAT inside is presented, where a router translates the internal private IP addresses to the public IP address(es) given by the ISP.Could you give me a real case when NAT outside is to be used?And is NAT outside used separa...

Resolved! L2 policing on cat6500 L2 interface

I need to police ingress traffic on a layer2 ("switchport") interface.Traffic is raw ethernet, so only L2 policying is usable.Cat6500Sup 720 Native modeIOS 12.2(18)SXF13 adv enterpriseAlready read config guides, but it takes a while to understand all...

ibrunello by Beginner
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6513 MSFC IOS upgrade

Dear AllWe are using using 6513 in hybrid mode(srm) having sup-2 with CatOS and having dual MSFC2 for redundancE ruuning cisco IOS which is obvious. Could you please tell me how to to do the IOS upgrade on both MSFC modules (one is active and other i...

receive discards on switch - please help

Hi all, we have an issue with a router to switch connection, the speed and duplex are set to fixed on both sides, I have replace the cable and changed the port on the switch, but the switch is seeing receive discards,any ideas what is causing this?Ma...


Hello, we are planning to setup a network as per the attached design. I would like to know if there will any conflict or Interoperability issue between the different stp mode running on the different switches.thanksJean