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MAC Flap / loop with Nexus vPC

Hi,I am seeing an issue where what appears to be a loop forming over our vPC setup. Hopefully the attached topology makes sense but the issue we are seeing is when Po40 is connected from sw4 to both Nexus switches, I get the below mac flap warnings f...

Smithsco by Beginner
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DHCP option 60

Hello Team, I have a Cisco ISR4221 router. We have an internet link connected to our cisco router. The IP will be received on the cisco interface from ISP only by configuring dhcp option 60 on my router. It is a customer provided link. Customer provi...

PT MultiUser connection problems

Hi Is there a known problem with the multi user connection I can set this up on one laptop or one pc no problems I am have problems doing it over a network, in fact three different networks all have problems.I am not new to networking or Cisco enviro...

davidbrett by Beginner
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OQD problem

Hi, I have encountered a situation in the following where OQD was shown in large amount of 63738644. This port is a leased line Telco port connecting to another site via an ISP and the connection was not stable. It dropped once in two days.   With La...

Resolved! Loss of connectivity from switch

Hi all,  I have a couple of strange issues that I'm hoping you can help with or point me in the right direction.  We have a couple of locations that have been seeing switch type lockups.  What I mean by that is the switch stops passing traffic, but n...

Cory King by Beginner
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Hello there,I'm setting up a CB250 Switch, IP already set up, although I received echo reply from ping when my computer is connected to one of the physical ports, when i'm outside I dont get any, but  I do can reach any devices connected to the switc...

elopezrlj by Beginner
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Resolved! set next-hop for vlan

how can i set the next-hop for a vlan? this is for local traffic from the router it self like ping trace sla ...the router has a default gateway over a build in cellular lte connectionso ping will go  like --> lte - vlan 123 (

ino by Beginner
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CBS350 AES67 PTPv2 Jitter Under Load

We are working through some issues with our CBS350 network in regards to AES67 PTPv2 timing. To simplify things we have a test network setup on the bench containing two CBS350-24P-4G switches and a CBS350-8S-E-2G switch sitting in between them. (see ...

Cisco router with integrated switch 3945

Hello, I encountered an issue with cisco 3945 router. Router has intergrated switch but I forgot its password because I never needed to change vlans until this point. I tried resetting router to default settings but changes were only made to router c...

Lukutis k by Beginner
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C9400R Series Interface Identification Definition

Hello, I know that various platforms have different meaning for the interface indicator such, fa01, GigabitEthernet 1/0/x, etc., for the identification of ports when using "show port status" or "show interface status" command - 1/1/x = Unit/Slot/Port...

jbneteng by Beginner
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