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I'm currently looking at RADIUS on some of our switches and noticed that the RADIUS type is showing as "non-standard".Server group ManagementSharecount = 1 sg_unconfigured = FALSEType = non-standard Memlocks = 1Server(,1813) Transact...

DM812 by Beginner
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I want to construct a network for a company with 4 branches which each is located in different cities, so how can I connect them in PCT. Can you guys help me ?

In Active Directory domains, you could apply only one password and account lockout policy, which is specified in the domain's Default Domain Policy, to all users in the domain. If you wanted different password and account lockout settings for differe...

I'm in the process of converting some legacy MAB configuration to IBNS 2.0/new-style and I can not get voice vlan to work.My issue is that anything authenticated to the voice domain won even get a MAC address on the switchport.All the authenticated v...

kitzin by Beginner
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In the Current Set up a BDCom switch cluster is running as a distribution switch and other BDCom access switches are uplinking to it. BDcom distribution switch is uplinking to a Cisco Core switch cluster. Current BDCom distribution switches are going...

nips by Beginner
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 Hi I attached a diagram for clarification -What should be the interface setting you connect to (Mimosa Link Client) access or tunk? What about the rest of the interfaces? To note, I use one VLAN inside the switch  

Akram09 by Beginner
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Hello,I want to make dhcp trap when there any subnet with high utilization by issuing commandsnmp-server enable traps dhcp poolWhen i see message in the trap manager i can't find information which pool in high utilization state.CISCO-IETF-DHCP-SERVER...

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hey, I'm currently studying IT network and security track. I need help with this activity about ACL.I'm currently working on a Packet Tracer activity that involves configuring Access Control Lists (ACLs), and I find myself in need of some assistance....

TF2 by Beginner
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I have isolated network, a stack of 9300s, DHCP server enabled on the switch. I know this isn't common, but I would like to know if it is possible to configure it as a local DNS server. I sent 'ip dns server' and I read that I can probably add my own...

SimonSpl by Beginner
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Hello,I got this switch free when doing a demo job. I do have an 8 port unmanaged for my ip cameras.This one is a  WS-C2960S-F24TS-L 24 port.I would like to use this one for my cameras as I am looking to get some more along with some access points al...

Jtaxel by Beginner
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