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Resolved! 9200L Stack Crash with no recovery

I have a few 9200L stacks that will crash every so (usually about a week, upwards of 3). The stack will go down and not recover, and I am unable to console into 3 of the 4 switches in the stack until I power cycle the whole stack. The switch that sta...

CaeCae by Beginner
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Resolved! Router DHCP with L3 routed link

Hi guys, I have a router connected with layer 3 switch both of them are L3 link with /8 i have two vlan on L3 switch vlan10( /8) and vlan 20( /8) i want to make router as my dhcp server so that it can give ip address to both ...

Resolved! TCP MSS and its windows size

hi guys: I am trying to clarify my understanding about TCP MSS and sliding window.  let's put it simple As far as i know ,MSS means the maximum payload for the frame. The "sliding window " enables TCP to send consecutive segments before it gets an AC...

2022-11-18 221233.jpg

Resolved! Cannot Ping From Cisco 9300 Switch to Another Subnet

I cannot ping from my Cisco 9300 switch to another subnet on our network but I can ping from a PC on that switch to another subnet on our network. Why can I not ping from within the switch? I have a couple of switches on other subnets that can ping o...

KMP414 by Beginner
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Vlan on Another Switch

I have a host switch that has vlans configured on it, Vlan100 10.76.x.x, Vlan200 172.16.x.x, and Vlan300 192.x.x.x. My question is since I had to tie an ip address to the vlans of .x.1, if i need to use the same Vlans on different switches at other s...

chueymtz by Beginner
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Resolved! 9200 vlan interface not pingable/not connected

I have a 9200 with 5 vlans setup. vlan 10, 12, 13, 15 and 100. All have interfaces. I can ping all of them but vlan 10. I'm not seeing the issue.  I running the ping from the switch...  Why is it not showing as a connected vlan on show ip route?!inte...

rsblind by Beginner
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Failed mtu config

I am trying to increase the mtu on an etherchannel but I am getting an error saying that the gig interface does not support the mtu change. the connections are copper connections b/w 2 6506s.TIA,

MTU Configuration

Hi,Just want to ask what is the effect of configuring a higher MTU size besides higher throughput. Do i Have to configuring all my switches to have the same mtu sizes or those only that uses it?Thanks.