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Resolved! Port Bounce Cause

We had a port bounce this morning that caused a very brief outage to one of our voice hosts.  Does anyone know how to glean any additional technical information as to why this port bounce happened.Dec 13 08:07:25.133 CST: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line pr...

i have three stack cisco switches 2960 and i added a stand alone  cisco 2960 and i took two uplink from those stack switches which is port channel suddenly my whole internet goes down and when i remove the uplink i got internet back. 

Nishan by Beginner
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Resolved! show memory dead

One of our cat9500 switches (SVI connection) just stopped working suddenly and we had to hard reboot it. Checked the status of the memory after that and saw: ----------------- show process memory sorted ------------------ Processor Pool Total: 134870...

I am currently working on a project involving two Cisco routers running VRRP for a switch that connects to all our servers. The setup includes several IPsec tunnels on the master router to remote sites. My concern arises from the configuration of EIG...

SP_UK_LEE by Beginner
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Looking for a way to delete all the emmc partitions on the ie3300. There is an emgy0: partition that has the emergeny install image on that i want deleted. I was to delete everything from this device including the other partitions like the emgy1: if ...

HI recently I had an issue where one of my 3650 switches in the stack crashed. It looks like it was related to spanning-tree process. Does anyone know if this is a known bug. I couldn't find anything related to it. I'm using IOS XE version, 16.9.5.TI...

Hello I am a newbie in network, I just want to ask help regarding the issue where I can't log in to our IE-4000-8GT8GP4G-E.Also the "power supply vee under voltage and lockout" is keeps on showing and I think because of that error message that's why ...