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Hello, I'm practicing forming Etherchannel groups and I have a question. I have two switches with Fa 0/5, 6 ,7 as trunks between the switches. When create the Po1 adding each interface one by one (first in one SW and then in the other SW) my Po1 goes...

Okay so I have a basic home lab, 2600 router x2 and 2900 XL switch x 2. I've connected each router together (they "see" each other in cdp), and each router to one switch. My problem is that the interfaces that the router connects to the switch won't ...

Hi allI was reading my cisco book this morning, there was some info on spanning tree, basically like a diamond shape connectivity between 4 switches, all of them have connection to each other, what I want to know is, how do I find out what the design...

Hi, My asa device has 3 external ip address. On of the addresses is used for static pat to a host on the inside network. If a inside host tries to access the external resource not using the asa as the default gateway it works.If the inside client use...

avtechs19 by Level 1
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I'm having an odd issue with a Catalyst 6513 and its http interface. The http interface has been working just fine in the past, however it just times out now in the browser. Now here is the interesting part. If I'm logged onto the switch console w...

joveroc by Level 1
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I have a catalyst switch c3750 which i want to do vlan with it. I have vlan 1 and 2 on it.Vlan 1 ip addr 2 ip addr i tag each port to each vlan, port 1 and 2 precise.I then have host A ip addr to be ga...

Hi Experts,I have one global nat with IP 195.24.4.XX (i have some number of public IP's)when i want configure outside nat to one private IP 10.246.6.XXX (SMTP server) with public IP 195.24.5.XX every time its going out through the global nated IP onl...

Hello,We have 2xFWSM that running on 2x6509 in production environment and these 2 FWSMs is running active/standby mode. There are FW version 2.3(4) that running on these FWSMs. We want to upgrade these FWSMs with less downtime and impact for producti...

t511820 by Level 1
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