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I have an older Cisco 2960 Catalyst switch that has been in operation for years with 7962 phones behind it.  The config has not changed and all of a sudden I have begun having trust issues with the phones: May 8 21:23:25 EDT: %SWITCH_QOS_TB-5-TRUST_D...

jwilder01 by Beginner
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I've done quite a bit of digging and I can't find anything so I'm going to ask here.  Does anyone know if turning this feature off globally in a 6500 is potentially service impacting?  We have a couple of Juniper SRX boxes on our network that are hav...

Hi guys, I'm used to VTP configuration. But I never understood what does the following line highlight means when issuing the "show vtp status".And I've noticed that It only appears on the vtp server. Switch#sh vtp statusVTP Version capable : 1 to 3VT...

Hi,Show vlan returns ambiguous command .Even I tried after restoring the router to factory state and deleting the old vlan configuration with:delete flash:vlan.dat erase startup-config

amh4y0001 by Participant
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Hello,We have a case where a customer has upgraded the IOS for his C3850 to a version higher than 16.9.1.He was not aware that he had switched on Smart Licensing.Let's assume the customer had bought this equipment in 2018 with the permanent IP Base l...

NHanstein by Beginner
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Resolved! NTP Stratum issue

HiI have configure a Router 2921 to act as NTP server for my network devices. It sinchronize with a Windows sever 2016 NTP but is not workng NODO1#sh ntp associationsaddress ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp~IPSERVER .LOCL. 1 50 64 377 2...

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Hello everyone, I'm practicing in a 2960 with Packet Tracer. I wanted to test virtual lines access with ssh version 2.I tried setting from 2 to 10 with #line vty 2 10 and it doesn't work. I'm asked about password, but I never log in, even when I'm su...

Mary Leon by Beginner
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if we enable mls Qos command on a C3560, by default, all ports are untrusted + COS override:dis + default COS:0. if we have the below, what will be the QoS value at the egress? Untagged frame (Access port connect PC) - at egress will be COS:0???Tagge...

I am trying to view "show version" output on a text file (.txt) using"show version | redirect tftp://"in the CLI, but I keep getting a Timed Out error. Any thoughts or advice on how I would be able to open "show version...