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Hi AllI have a catalyst 4500 switch on my network, fairly new, its actually not up to a year old and its running on IOS version 12.2(31)SG.Couple of days ago, it just frooze out, and the whole network grounded to a halt, i could not console into or g...

Resolved! VTP

Please can anyone tell me which is better?Using VTP on switches orConfiguring vlan manually on switches?Bearing in mind we only have 6 switches. Thank you

qwertys21 by Level 1
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I have three DSL connections, each of 1Mbps. I need a cisco product which combines all the three DSL connections to give me a combined bandwidth of 3Mbps. I will prefer a Wireless product, otherwise a normail cisco router / switch will do the trick.W...

Unfortunetlly during a power outage (the backup battery failed), one of our Catalyst 3500 Series XL switch (WS-C3524-XL-EN) got damaged... If you turn it on, the fans turn on and the RPS and ports 3-7-11-15-18-23 turn on Amber and it stays that way, ...

GCRDelphi by Level 1
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Hi all,We have seen in 12.2.18SXF12 (maybe also available in earlier releases) that the following interface configuration command in available:--MPLS_RTR13_SUP720(config-if)#pagp rate ? fast PAgP packets are transmitted at the fast rate ...--Thi...

loudo by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I've been fighting the whole day with some crazy customer requirements. Everything worked except the simplest thing (or at least I'm not satisfied with the results) - I have two ISPs and I have to do load-balancing with static routes and ...

Hi, all,I have a subnet consist of a 2610XM router, a catalyst 2950(24 port). Since my router has only one FE port, it's configured as below:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!interface FastEthernet0/0 description CONNECTION TO CISCO_SW...

Assume 2 switches are configured as VTP servers with same domain name. Switch #1 has vlan 10, 20 while switch #2 has vlan 30 and 40. When 2 switches connects in trunk mode will switch #1 update switch #2 vlan database or vice versa?

yangxia by Level 1
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Hi all, we have merged with another company, they are bringing there laptops to our site and then using vpn to connect to there site, however they still have to be plugged into our lan. Is there a way I can setup so when they plug there pc in the lan...

I had this come up in an interview setting where the interviews asked me to describe in detail the differences between hardware and software QoS. I know how to configure some of the QoS tools with MQC, but I don't know what was meant by this.Can som...

Hi everybody,I'm actually having a problema with a 2800 router. The issue is that it was working well. I turn it off to move from one rack to other,and then it never has come up again.This is the output of what i see when i turn it on:Readonly ROMM...

There was a network outage today, and I got so hung up on this fact that it distracted me from the real problem... Now that the network is back up, I want to know why I cannot ping my default gateway.There are several networks running on this switch....

Hi all.Now, I know it sounds ridiculous, but I still wanted to try this out.I assigned IP addresses in a dis-contiguous manner, and assigned them to different VLANs. I.e. VLAN 100192.168.1.2192.168.1.4192.168.1.6VLAN 110192.168.1.3192.168.1.5192.168...