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hsrp both routers in active

Can someone explain what the impact is when both routers of one hsrp group are in mode active, in example when you have 2 catalysts with the same interface vlan in mode active, both catalysts are connected with a L2 port-channel. Is it possible that ...

pbogaerts by Beginner
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Bridging on a 2811 router

We are in the process of replacing our existing 3com bridges with a cisco 2811 router with a channelized t1 PRI interface. Is it possible to program different bridge groups that would be assigned to different channel-groups on the PRI interface as t...

dstromain by Beginner
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inter-vlan routing

hii have a switch 4500 interconected to 2 switch and i configure vlan and vtp on switchs.i want to configure inter-vlan routing without router(just with catalyst 4500)but i dont know what port can i configure and how.can you help please.

Resolved! switching

hi! I'm setting up the connection below, with the switch(2900) using the same vlan and subnet that's use in the switch(6509).server<---switch(2900)<---firewall<----switch(6509)In this caes, do i need to set any default gateway for the switch(2900)? W...

dkblee by Beginner
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Resolved! Access-List Suggestion

Hi all,Imagine i have one FastEthernet interface with 2 networks configured.In Ex:Fast 0/0 ip address ip address secundaryI dont want that the users from one network can reach the other network ...

b.petronio by Participant
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3640 flash problem

Have a 3640 with 32 meg of memory in it running 12.2.46 crypto code . This is the only image I have in flash yet it says I only have like 3 meg of flash left . When I try to do a "squeeze flash:" command it comes back saying no such file or dire...

MSFC interfaces

I have never used a MSFC but I can see it has just as many options as a router would have but the only question I have is how do you configure the interfaces? I am going to be doing some inter-vlan routing and I dont get how I specify the interfaces ...

802.1x issue

I have configure my switch with this:#aaa authentication dot1x default group radius#dot1x system-auth-control#radius-server host auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646 key 7 0601592D6C40I have everything configured and I am using cisco secure ACS a...

Access-list for block the DHCP request.

Dear All,How can I block a DHCP request on cisco 2950 switches, I tried given below access list but it was not working so plz suggestinterface FastEthernet0/4 no ip address ip access-group 102 in!Extended IP access list 102 deny udp host 10.12.14....

VACL puzzle on Cat6500 IOS

Hi,I have to capture traffic and I wish to apply the VACL Capture as described in the doc "VACL Capture for Granular Traffic Analysis with Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500 Running Cisco IOS Software"(http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/tech/tk389/tk689/techno...

Resolved! Policy Map issue

I got a 2960 switch that iam trying to apply the fallowing policy map to the output of an interface, then i get the fallowing error: Switch(config-if)#service-policy output testpolice command is not supported for this interfaceConfiguration failed!Wa...

ruliffilur by Beginner
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HSRP Standby Router functions

If I configure a routing protocol on HSRP members, does the standby router advertises routes on standby interface? If not is it possible to force the standby router to advertise the route?

avilt by Participant
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