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Switch issue

If I connect connect two equipment as below. The result is I can ping the 2924 ip from 3560. Why ? Why 2924 fast ethernet port is vlan 1 but 3560 fast ethernet port is vlan 2. the connection is also success ?2924Int fa0/1 !Int Vlan1Ip address 10.10.1...

acbenny by Beginner
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QOS : Vlan based 6500

Hello,I have a doubt about my config on a IOS 6500 for Voice QOS :sup 2interface config :interface Vlan323 description IPT bandwidth 100000 service-policy output QosVoicePolicy config :show policy-map QosVoice Policy Map QosVoice class QosVoice p...

Core Design, please help

Hi all,I need to plan a LAN design. I must select stack switches as a core, because a request for the company. I need a switch port with 48 1000 ports (ethernet) and I need to plug at least 7 optical cables (2x). I don't know which switch I could sel...

3825 VLAN support for onboard GE interfaces?

I've got a 3825 running 12.4(12). Can I place the two onboard GE interfaces (GE0/0 and GE0/1) into a VLAN and assign an IP address to that interface? It looks like no, but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer.I can get into the VLAN databa...

mike_owen by Beginner
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High CPU (IP INPUT) Cat6509 Native IOS 12.2

Hello Pro'sI have this issue:High cpu utilization (IP INPUT).GiFi event manager is on collects events from PCs (e.g. At the time GiFi collects it's data, CPU utilization level is about 70%.Take a look at the time stamps...

Layer 2 loops

am wondering how to detect layer 2 loops in a network, can somebody help me out the way to detect layer 2 loop in the network...

HUB to Switch Multicast problem

We have 2 Alpha DS10 machines running Magic Meditech OS. If they are networked through a hub - they work fine. When plugged in a Cisco Catalyst 2950, machines will NOT boot up past JOIN MULTICAST GROUP part. IGMP snooping is configured on the switch ...

angelmed by Beginner
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cisco WS-C6513 Reload

Guys,I have a very frustrating problem! I am trying to upgrade IOS on this device. It is a 6513 currently running s72033-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-18.SXE4.bin from disk0:The box has the following memory:458720K/65536K bytes of memory - DRAM I believ...