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Hello,I have installed two WS-X6748-GE-TX card with hardware version 2.5 with a sub-module WS-F6700-CFC. With hardware version 2.4 works right but with hardware version 2.5 doesn?t recognize this cards. Is there incompatibility with this version and ...

rpastrana by Beginner
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I have some questions bout VLANs and isolating traffic.We have an NBX phone system that is not using IP On-the-fly.The phone system has an IP address for management purposes only. We do use paging and confrence call functions that work off of IGMP mu...

Resolved! ROMMON Issue

Hello,I have a 7603 with the following message;Router#sh rom-monitor slot 1 spRegion F1: INVALIDRegion F2: INVALIDCurrently running ROMMON from S (Gold) regionCan anyone provide a link or summary of the ROMMON regions and/or the procedure for moving/...

HiWe have a3640 router with two 100 fastethernet connections. Currently the usage on fe 0/0 is very high average is 95mbit/s. We have a server that is running backups, what I'd like to know is why doesn't the server soak up the remaining bandwidth? I...

dan_track by Beginner
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on our network we have 2 6509 both in a PIM-SM domain one of the 6509s been the RP. a single vlan connects the 2 6509 switches together at layer 3. then edge routers running pim-sm connect to the 6509s via single vlans. all vlans run igmp snooping. i...

kjbarrass by Beginner
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Hello,we've Cat 3560 running IP Base image (switching only on L2), with several 802.1q trunks:- 2 are connected to routers/firewalls- others are connected to other L2 switches, - each trunk contains over 40 VlansThe routers/firewalls are "virtualized...

Assumptions:group 1 owns C2950 in lab and require mgmt access to switchgroup 2 owns C2950 in lab and require mgmt access to switcheach dept creates their own vlan's on their respective switchesproduction C3750 switches are corp managed only w/ define...

tsrader by Beginner
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Hi allRouters connecting through a LAN switch - the one router can connect to the rest of the network through two gateways. HSRP cannot be used on the gateways due to the restrictions of HSRPv1. Now we are using a static route through the primary r...

htaljaard by Beginner
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I wonder where can I get alrets about new threats, new patches, or IOSs? and can these alerts be sent to my mail? and where can I subscribe to get an autherised access the Cisco IOS download tool in Cisco site?

ahmedssk by Beginner
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Hi,we are planning to upgrading the 4006 (End of life) switch to 4506,we want to make use only baldes from existing 4006 and change everything which includes chasies, Powersupply and Sup Engine (will be changed with 4506)I have attached the part nu...

Hi, I seem to find conflicting information regarding the RPF check on MSPD peerings. Some documents say that you must run BGP for the RPF checks to be successful. You can bypass this neccessity by adding the command 'ip msdp peer rpf rfc3618'. see li...

Hi all, I need some help on the 877.Currently, my setup is using the 877 with 0/100 VCI/VPI.Recently, I need to add another VCI/VPI 1/100 for IPTV service.This interface will negotiate for an IP address through 1/100, and needs to be directed to the ...