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My query to all of you is; If I connect a GLC-SX-MMD on a Cisco 2960x switch at one end and GLC-SX-MMD other end on a Sf300-24pp SMB switch, will the link come up? Are these different types of modules interoperable?

Crypto pki trustpoint tp-self-signed-477455232enrollment selfsignedsubject-name cn=IOS-self-signed-certificate-477455232revocation-check nonersakeypair tp-self-signed-477455232 ! ! crypto pki certificate chain tp-self-signed-477455232 certificate sel...

Hi all Any VLAN not belonging to any MSTI instance will be a member in CISTBPDU packets are send untagged in MSTPWhat is the behavior of MSTP BPDU packets in trunk ? Switch1  - vlan 4 5 9Switch2 -  vlan 4 5 9 MSTI instance 1 vlan 9MSTI instance 0 vla...

itech by Beginner
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CPU rev: BImage failed digital signature verificationXmodem file system is available.flash probe successfulcreate ifs bromcreate ifs bs  i have this issue when i want boot the system 

Mahson by Beginner
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Hi team,I'm having an issue on 3 of my 4507 switches where there are 12 switches that we have that all are connected to my 7K Core switch all switches are on Transparent Mode and they all have the same VLAN but from one of the switches that I'm havin...

Hi I'm seeing an % Authorization failed error when I try to access my switch via the console port.I want to separate my VTY and console access -vty to use TACACS - this is workingconsole to use local database  I have the following config in place: aa...

Terry by Beginner
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Hi All, I'm not a network guy so please forgive me if I don't grasp some fundamentals.  Objective: Be able to tag a VLAN based on MAC address on SG300 so certain clients get put onto a specific VLAN (and use VLAN groups).  Also, I want to retain the ...

hi  if i opted to upgrade my 5 switch stack one by by one, what would be the sequence for this.will i be upgrading the master 1st or the slaves. what is the best practice? thank you

I have a 4507E-R all set up with one power module. When I press the power on the following lights are seen INPUT OK: Solid GreenFAN OK: LED turns GREEN then off quickly and back on again quickly along with fan spinning up each time LED turns green (f...

jgr208 by Beginner
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We have implemented a new C9407R and it is the only one we have that is running 16.12.3 and the only one getting the following error message.000665: May 21 07:29:26.062 EDT: %SYS-5-CONFIG_P: Configured programmatically by process EPM IAL Process from...

GregH.NY by Beginner
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Hey folks, I hope I'm posting this correctly,I have a single ASA 5510 with a simple port channel connecting to a pair of Nexus 3K's with a peer link between them.  The 3K's are complaining of mac flapping between the port channel interface and the ph...

Brian Reed by Beginner
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Hello Experts I have tried to factory reset my 3560, but it simply won't be posible.....and I have followed the many guides on the web, and in this forum, but with no luck... Thanks in advance    

Shavoh by Beginner
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Hello Everybody,I am doing a design of using Catalyst 9500 as Distribution / Spine and Cat9200 as Access Switch / Leafs. I want to use the same construct as the nexus 9000 => VXLAN encapsulation and BGP EVPN as control-plane.I would like to know if i...

Hi there, Could you help me? I have this scenario, a stack from 2 switches, one switch is the master with 15 priority, the second with 14 priority, I want to add 4 new switches to existing stack. 1.- How could I do that?2.- I need to add one by one o...

Zagam by Beginner
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