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I'm configuring a network that that follows the standard inside-outside-dmz design.On the inside, I have my workstations, on the outside, I have my ISP and on the DMZ I have my servers. I've configured IP addressing and routing (RIP). I understand th...

_bmal by Level 1
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So I wanted to set up two Vlans on my switch, and a trunk through my router in order to reach the internet, but after I've configurated the subinterfaces on the router, neither of them will go up and form a link with the trunk port. I'm not sure why ...

switch running config.PNG router running config.PNG switch running config 2.PNG

Hi All, We are planning to upgrade our nexus 5k switches which is in vpc domain. We are gonna do it in vpc primary switch first. So my doubt is After the install, the switch will be rebooted. During that time, will there be any downtime in network....

vinothnil by Level 1
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Resolved! Netflow Nexus 7000

Hi all,A few months ago I have configured netflow on a Nexus 7000 with NX-OS version 6.0.2.This was my config:flow exporter Fluke_NetflowTracker  description export netflow to Fluke_NetflowTracker  destination x.x.x.x use-vrf management  transport ud...

I Found this 6513E's Modle Card: Supervisor Engine 2T Front Status LEDs something is not right.The system LED color becomes orange or Red.I'm not sure this. Maybe Red. show logging system1: - 09:22:21 1/7/-1: MAJ, GOLD, lc_ctrl_proc_diag_get_usr_port...

TianXia by Level 1
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Greetings.I have a number 8TG8P IE4000s and I was checking last time they were updated. The website shows and IOx 1.5 and a newer IOx 1.6. Also a new firmware 15.4.EA9.  I know how to upgrade the firmware but how do you upgrade the IOX? Or even show ...

Hello,We are attempting to use new C9500-48Y4C-A switches, but are unable to communicate with 100mbps devices on the switch.  Is there any workaround to set speed to 100mbps, or a certain SFP that must be used for backwards compatibility?Thanks

JK59506 by Level 1
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