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Hi guys,My port-channel (gi0/47, gi0/48) of 2960 switch connected to a stacked 3750 (contain 02 switches stacked, on 1/0/24 and 2/0/24). Sometimes the 2960 switch is suspended (I have to restart it to make it works), on the 3750 I see the log like th...

beohu by Level 1
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I'm working on a network design for a large University residential facility. I need to know the maximum noise level of a 9407R with two 3.2kw power supplies installed. The startup noise level.  The data sheet only states 60dB at 50% load, which doesn...

Hi.  Does anyone know if Smart install clients such as the industrial IE3300 are compatible with vstack? The client switch = is downloading the tar-image file but is not extracting the file, and for some reason, the client switch configuration is not...

qukquk by Level 1
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the scenario is :I'm replacing core Cisco switch 4506-E with switch 4507R-E. As I have one supervisor card on 4506-E and I'm going to take out all the card that I have in 4506-E and install it in the new 4507R-E. On the 4507R-E I have 2 slots for the...

ffa1100 by Level 1
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All,  We are looking at 1 x 9600 Chassis with 4 PSU.The chassis has 6 slot( 2 for supervisor ) and 4 slot available. we plan to use 2 x C9600-LC-48YL( for SFP plus whether fibre or GLC) and 2 x C9600-LC-48TX for copper. Do you see any issues with thi...

cisco8887 by Level 2
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Trying to upgrade my 9500 switch stack to 16.12.03a. Boot is set to packages.conf but when I try to this install command it says it's not there.but it is. what the heck is going on? Any help would be appreciated.  SW9500#install add file bootflash:ca...

sidd76 by Level 1
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Hi, Crruntly I have deployed a C2900 Series Router. My CPU utilization sometimes shoots up to 98%. I have checked using process cpu command & found there is a process called IP Input which is using maximum CPU process. I also have subinterfaces confi...

Its a ws-c3850-48tMy member 4 and 3 are stuck at syncing after power outage. Why is the config not syncing?Tried reloading and unplugging the cables.Should I remove the stack member ? Then plug the cable back in?Something like: https://vmguru.com/201...

VK20 by Level 1
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Recently I have been trying to improve our QoS policies to improve the quality of voice calls. I finally created a SPAN port to our SIP router and started capturing some packets. I discovered that out Jabber client voice traffic is not being tagged w...

JEB-1181 by Level 1
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Dear Buddy,I have 2 x Nexus C3548P-10GX in vPC. I would to upgrade the current version 9.2.3 to newest version 9.3.4. Could anyone have experience with upgrade the Nexus in vPC? Appreciated if anyone can advise me the procedure.Thank you. The current...