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Hello all,I'm new to Cisco and I've been learning about the various platforms and the ways you can upgrade them (.tar, .pkg, and .bin files, install vs bundled mode, etc.). I'm currently trying to become more familiar with the various upgrade file ty...

vv0bbLeS by Level 1
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hi, there,we have many interfaces on our access layer switches, each of them are connected with two devices, a phone and a computer, how ever, we found each of the interfaces with many mac addresses, some of them even with hundreds. The devices are n...

wuh by Level 1
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Hi have a problem upgrading a WS-C3650-24TS Stack with two switches.Upgrade is from 16.3.3 to 16.9.5 But is fails with the following usage.It also complains about a missing file cat3k_caa-rpcore.16.03.03.SPA.pkg,but when i check the flash content, th...

c0x10 by Level 1
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I am new here, first time creating a discussion. So here is a scenario:I have a router configured for encapsulationint g0/0/0.10encapsulation 10ip address g0/0/0.20encapsulation 20ip addression 255.255.2...

pint0041 by Level 1
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Hi there, can someone explain why i cant copy the config onto the 9K? Thanks Below is from the current 5Kinterface Ethernet2/1 switchport mode trunk speed 10000 channel-group 201And when i copy it into the 9KSwitch1(config)# interface Ethernet2...

Hello, I am tasked with sending logs from specific interfaces to nagios syslog server. Here is my configlogging                       logging trap 6                                        Logging source-interface GigabitEtherne...

Resolved! vWAAS network card

Hi.I am trying to build vWAAS using KVM.We will be installing KVM on a server that is not a UCS server.There is one thing I want to ask before installing.Should I use only CISCO network cards?Can I deploy vWAAS with any network card?

GaeMi by Level 1
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Hi !I like to use Microsoft Network Policy Server 2008 As Radius server for my routers and so control logins using active directory groupsI think i did it all correctly but i get authentication failureand I should add that i have tested it both with ...