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Hello, we are currently using the Cisco 9300-NM-8X switches that come with the SFP-10G-LR-X SFP+ fiber modules. We cannot get our connection to work without having to replace the modules back to a regular SFP module, GLC-LX-SM-RGD.    Here is our con...

HunterM by Beginner
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I don't have a problem with my config just seeking clarification on something.  I noticed on the switch, I can do "authentication event no-response action authorize vlan XX" if there is no response from the client which I typically use to place the d...

I'm completely stuck and have been at this for hours.   I have a version mismatch, and need to get my 2nd switch upgraded to 15.x from 12.2.  I have the bin file on both flashes.   Flash and flash2.  I've tried theboot system switch all flash:/insert...

JonB93 by Beginner
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Dear Community,Does anybody knows the meaning of the following statement in the log after a debug ARP? I have tried to google and see nothing on the internet.May 17 04:52:56.980 UTC: In ip_arp_sendrequest_internal: ELse case using src:

I am having an issue where we are retiring some 2960x switches with some 9200 series switches.  The 9200's are in a stack and connected back with fiber back to the core(9300 series).  When i do a( sh cdp nei) on the 9200 i can see the 9300 but when i...

mrom2 by Beginner
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Hey guys, recently i had two Cisco 3560's die on me for no apparent reason, just wondering if anyone else had seen this bevaviorAfter the power went out the switch ports simply wouldnt come back on, i was able to directly console in to the switch, al...

quillo by Beginner
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