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Cisco Teleprecense Touchpad 8 Slow response when Pairing over the Network

Hello.Previously always  paired the Touchpad by connecting directly to the Codec. Unit was moved to a new location and decided to try pairing the unit by giving it a static IP and pairing over the network.The TouchPad pairs correctly but displays a f...

Route external calls to different network and not through Expressway

Our data center is connected to a 3rd party provider via a T1 line. We currently route all traffic bound to a specific IP range to this T1. We would now like to route video calls down this line as well. My endpoints are all connected to the VCS-C 8.2...

WebEx elapsed time

Using WebEx on my Macbook Pro with OS 10.10.2. The elapsed time does not show below that play, pause, and stop buttons in the black space. It did show in my old Macbook and now does not. It is a very convenient feature. How can I get it back?Thanks,S...

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