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I have an installation where a P60 is in a wall recess per the architect. I was tasked with seeing if it is at all possible to set arbitrary limits to the PTZ so that a user is stopped from accidentally setting up a shot that has a visual obstruction...

Alexicon by Level 1
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Hi I have just downloaded a OBTP emulater from github.I am checking the code and find it using https://${ip}/bookingsputxml to make a OBTP function.However,I can not find "bookingsputxml" from any api guide .Anyone can tell me where to get these api ...

Hi there, Having issue with dropped Video calls between your callmanger cluster in Brasil and Switzerland. Both run on version 11.5When we try to make a Video call between our Webex Room Kit Plus in Brasil and Switzerland, only a audio call is is cre...

Nickout by Level 1
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I would like to use an action button to start or stop a complex macro. I have tried the following to start a macro: const xapi = require('xapi');xapi.event.on('UserInterface Extensions Panel Clicked', (event) => {if (event.PanelId === 'Camera_on') {x...