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CNG not detected in fax call

Hi,When using on-ramp t.37 gateway to detect fax calls, using the script called "app_fax_detect." the CNG is not detected.DTMF activation (pressing 2) works, but CNG is not detected.Any ideas ?Avner.

Why Loopback required in VOIP Configuration

Hi,I have recieved one configuration file.There the loopback IP is defined whereas it's a point to point connection where i think one serial,ethernet and e1 controller is required.Can anyone suggest me why this loopback address in being use in the co...

Sonus Gsx9000

Hi,I need to set up my VG200 to use a SONUS GSX9000 as provided by the Telecom company. I know with another vendor and hardware I use the following:ISDN SWITCH-TYPE PRIMARY 5ESS. (Nortel?)What do I use for a SONUS?Can someone please HELP?!Thank YouC...

can i use VXML on...

Cisco IOS Software, C2600 Software (C2600-IPVOICE-M), Version 12.3(8)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)... skipped ...Cisco 2620XM (MPC860P) processor (revision 0x200) with 93349K/4955K bytes of memory.if not, may be new IOS for that hardware can help me?

dvorkin01 by Beginner
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VoIP call clearing Problem

Hi All,I am using Gateway / Gatekeeper setup and have various interface types like E1 CAS, E1 PRI and E&MSometimes, established voice calls will hang and channel gets occupied i.e we are facing VoIP call clearing problem.We are using 26xx & 7206 rout...

manoj.gs by Beginner
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VOIP trunks and 7206 routers

We are using 7206 routers to interconnect pbx's at different facilities over atm. The version of IOS we are using is 12.3 (3.3) MAINTENENCE INTERIM SOFTWARE. For obvious reasons we would like to get off this release of IOS. Every time we upgrade to...

jschlimg by Beginner
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G4 fax

We use CallManager3.3(4), Catalyst6608 for PSTN and VG248 for fax. We configure fax-passthrough.We can't receive fax from one customer. They use G4 fax.It does not work fall down from G4 to G3.Can we receive G4 fax?

vspt and timesten

Is it possible to avoid importing porttbl and termtbl into vspt (e.g. as it done with screening tables)BTW, how is it possible that vspt is using 980 MB of memory ?!953 cisco 975M 930M cpu0 0 0 0:05.16 25% java/18

mikima777 by Beginner
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