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OK, I'm brand new to this forum, so if this is the wrong one, somebody please direct me.   I have recently installed an Avaya IP Office R10.1, and I have used the Cisco SPA112 before successfully in order to connect analog devices using a SIP extensi...

Been looking at the BT SIN documents in order to get my caller display to work, I can see the caller display info being sent ok to the ATA if the syslog debug output is ok to believe, but considering v.23 protocol was one of the old dial up modem pro...

pipeline by Beginner
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I have a SPA232D connected to the PSTN via its FXO port, and an analog phone connected to its Line 1 (FXS) port.  Asterisk is on the network to handle routing calls between the SPA232D's ports, another SIP device and a Twilio SIP trunk.   I've found ...

I saw an AV installation where an integrated SIP phone in the DSP used a Cisco SPA232D to get basic phone service from a POTs line.   Understanding the SPA232D is out of production, can the same be achieved with an SPA8800?  Any ideas on how to confi...

jammbrose by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to configure SPA 122. I already get IP address using IVR and trying to run Web base config utility. But it doesn't work. Nothing happens if I type IP in web browser window and press enter. What you suggest to do? How to check if this ...