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Ok, this has probably been asked before but I can't for the life of me find an answer. We are actually running v9.1(3) on our ASA5500's so "maybe" we are clear of the weakness.However Cisco recommend upgrade to 9.1(3.4) to ensure clearance. When you ...

nmfoxton by Level 1
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Hi Everyone, When I'm trying to install from web URL on Chrome, installation is not allowing to download at it get rotating on Java detection. It's been 1 hr and still it continue rotating. In fact, i'm having Java ver 7 and update 51, which is lates...

I've got question about switching from evaluation SSL VPN license to regular one. My current eval license looks like that:Feature: SSL_VPN Version: 1.0 License Type: EvalRightToUse License State: Active, In Use Evaluation total period: 8 weeks 4 days...

Michal P by Level 1
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Hi, I have a problem and I thought someone here could help me.I know that PBR is not supoprted on ASA.I have an ASA v9.1 with 3 interfaces.- INTERNET (IP x.x.x.x)- INSIDE (Ip INSIDE2 ( wrong thing is that in the INSIDE2 a...

fizban001 by Level 1
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I am having an issue when I start a ping and choose to repeat like 10k times for example, I cannot ctrl+c in secureCRT to stop it. When I try Ctrl+Shift+6 it kicks me out to my terminal server so that doesnt work either. How can I stop a ping in Secu...

Hi all,I am busy configuring up my 871 for remote access and my split tunnel VPN working fine and dandy however I'm not exactly why...I've followed the below Cisco guide which works great:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps274/products_...

twhittle1 by Level 1
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I have an issue.  When I create a dynamic PAT for my server network I can access outside but the server network will no longer be accessible when we VPN in.  Once I delete the PAT the server net can no longer go outside but I can access the server ne...

Is there any way to configure a router (1921) where vpn clients can establish a connection to either of 2 WAN ports (different ISP's)?

gretnapd by Level 1
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Hi Guys ,I have got an issue connecting VPN client to ASA. VPN point to point with other sites is working fine. Please see blow for current scenario. Current Remote VPN connectivity and settings ASA 5552x (IOS v8.6, ADSM v6.6) communicates with inter...

Hi Guys I have a little problem I hope you can help me with.I have a site to site LAN VPN connection up and running between a Cisco ASA 5512X and a Cisco 881 router running Zone Based Firewall. The tunnel comes up OK. From the router: MAGURELE-R#sh c...

mikkel003 by Level 1
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 The ASA has an IOS disk0:/asa911-smp-k8.bin. In the process of reconfiguring the Crypto map and tunnel groups I am now give the keyword of iKev1 or iKev2.I envision the ikev2 as being more secure but would like some clarification and guidance on whi...