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I purchased a new router for my office use. I set up a VPN (Surf Shark) in my router but it is not working. I also watched a few videos on Youtube but it didn't work. Can someone help me in setting up a VPN in my Cisco Router? I am using Cisco CISCO1...

Hello,Has anyone successfully implemented AnyConnect certificate-based user and/or machine authentication with FTD and Microsoft CA?I've struggled for a while to get this to work and I have search the internet for step-by-step user guides but it's di...

Chess_N by Level 1
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Hi all,  Configure site to site between cisco asa and azure using route based vpn but now customer wants to source nat the subnet lie behind asa going for Azure end. I have checked but didnt found any document where i can source nat my traffic. Attac...

sv7 by Level 3
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Resolved! Trustpoint issue

Hi,i have been trying to enroll my ASA with the PKI CA.I was wondering if someone can clarify what is the purpose of a trustpoint.i have been searching and according to this article, it says its a container where certificates are stored and says that...

Our company uses a Meraki MX64 (FW MX 17.10.1) to VPN into a set of MS Windows 2019 Servers (2 DC, 1 DB and 1 App server accessed via remote desktop).I am experiencing frequent 809 disconnects, which are most prevalent when I am running, what I will ...

RangerZ by Level 1
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Hello, Is anyone using split tunneling to exclude MS Teams traffic? We are using a "tunnel all" policy for our RA VPN users, but some users have issues when using MS teams and we want to implement split tunneling to exclude the MS teams traffic from ...

Right now, we are using Azure p2s VPN within the virtual network. I am running into so many issues because of it so I wanted to look into using AnyConnect, which I used at our last job. It seems a lot more solid than this Azure P2S stuff, plus I can ...

AxelAxel by Level 1
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I want to use PFS for my Anyconnect remote access VPN.  I don't see any documentation on how I can make that happen.  Any recommendations for the config would be greatly appreciated.

mdieken011 by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I recently have began encountering an error on my Windows 10 PC when trying to connect to AnyConnect. The error simply says that the system cannot find the file specified. There have been no changes made to the network or my PC and no ...

Hello Everyone! We have the VPN installed with a remote client, but I have not seen a local/remote selector for some IP range in the VPN tunnel. The ACL is already set and an interesting IP subnet has been added to it.I have a question, how will the ...

Dear Community Members,We have a Firepower 1010 which we use for multiple S2S VPN Tunnels (13 Tunnels).The endpoints are cradlepoint IBR-900's.Due to the fact that these endpoints are mobile routers the IP-address changes quiete frequently (once a we...