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I  read that tunnel GRE,provides the possibility to use  dynamic routing protocol such as EIGRP or OSPF ,because IPsec doesn't support multicast and broadcast which are used by theses protocols,i read about the gre encapsulation,but i don't understan...

Hi,I'm trying to setup a GDOI based IPsec connection between a cisco AS901 (advanced Metro lic - asr901-universalk9-mz.152-2.SNI ) and a 7606-S.What I see is that the ASR901 is capable of decrypting the IPsec packet but I cannot encrypt the ICMP pack...

Hii frnds, here is the configuration in my router C1841..for the cisco ipsec remote access vpn..i was able to establish a vpn session properly...but there after i can only reach up to the inside interfaces of the router..but not to the lan devices......

Hi, I'm an ASDM 6.4 command line novice & I'm looking for the command to delete an unused vpn key, e.g. 'key1'.Can anyone advise? Sorry, tried searching everywhere for the exact command. Or if there's a GUI method?Thanks,

j.eunson by Level 1
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Hello,How to make SSL VPN in Cisco ASA like the picture in the attachment? Is is possible? From what i know this picture is SSL VPN in Cisco Router.

Hi,yesterday,i configured DMVPN with PKI evrey thing worked fine,i saved the running-config and todya when i start GNS3 with these configurations , when i disable the profile on the interface tunnel 0 in every device,it work but with the profile the ...

We have a situation where one of our sites (site A) has no firewall. Everything from Site A goes over MPLS network to access internet at site B. Site B connects to the rest of our private MPLS including Site C.The MPLS network and routers are all ven...

Hi all,We have a customer who rents a part of a building owned by company 'A'there is one internet connection owned by company 'A' . That company has a firewall to protect their inside Lan. The company provides wifi for the *Entire* building includin...

erwee1973 by Level 1
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                   Hi I have an ASA running v8.4.5 and the ipad connect using anyconnect 3.1.Every seems to work well apart from using the pac file. I get prompted to enter proxy username/password.I know the config works because if I use a laptop it ...

advent999 by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm using the Cisco AnyConnect client (3.1.03103) to connect to numerous customers. It's worked great for the past couple of years, but a few months ago a colleague of mine uploaded an update package to one of our customers' ASA boxes. So it a...

Hello,I created a remote access VPN for a vendor using ASDM.  The client will access my network via AnyConnect.  Later I was asked to makes sure the vendor can reach ONLY the server that he needs to reach.  I am not strong on the CLI of the VPN.  How...

burgessf by Level 1
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