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Resolved! SSL-VPN portal

DearsI am using SSL-VPN connect to ASA FW , with cisco anyconnect as per attachment I am using this URL ZPLMN....... 1- where this URL should be configure , 2- When I try to access this URL to reach portal so I can Download Cisco VPN it is not workin...

Hello, We want to deploy Cisco Annyconet VPN in HA that allows users to use Yubico Security Key for 2 step verification. We want to deploy it on 2x ISR4331/K9 or 2x ISR4331/K9 with an SEC license. I cannot find much information on the internet about ...

Adrian-PL by Level 1
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Hi,Hve the VPN hub spoke network. let me know can we do centralize certificate renewal for routers ?I would like to do automation for certificate renewal. I have Microsoft certificate servers. Now i am using manual certificate request and issue and r...

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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Hi all,So I want to make sure all VPN clients are using a separate IP range once they connect. I would like our internal DHCP server to lease out the addresses. However, whenever I change the IP assignment settings on the FDM to point to the new inte...

j.hewitt by Level 1
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Hello,i am configuring an CSR1000v on an Azure Infrastracture to enable it as Hub Server VPN.I' ve almost done the configuration but when i do a telnet on its Public IP (on the 500 and 4500 ports) the server is not reachable.I have already opened the...

Hi,I Need to pull up a list of all users that access the ASA via VPN either via the GUI or the CLI is there a specific command or place that I need to go to in order to achieve this? I am using Cisco ADSM 6.4 for the gui but can also SSH to the ASA v...

All: I've got a customer that has a business requirement for FIDO2 (WebauthN)authentication for their VPN clients.  They plan on using Yubikey or similar token hardware for end users to authenticate. From what I've seen so far, this isn't supported i...

Hello, We recently tried AnyConnect with our Cisco Meraki appliances.We successfully got it working with RADIUS (and Cisco Group Policies) and the AzureMFA NPS-addon.The very last thing we want to solve is OGS - to automatically route to the closest ...

prntscrn_anyconnect-profile-editor-1_210322.PNG prntscrn_anyconnect-profile-editor-2_210322.PNG prntscrn_anyconnect-profile-editor-3_210322.PNG

Hello,  I am having an issue where I need to update the banner text when our employees are remoting in via VPN. Our organization is French so the text needs to appear in this language. I have attached two screen shots. One from the FTD configuration ...

Good morning,  we have a large deployment of geographically dispersed Anyconnect VPN access where roughly 2000 users connect remotely each day.  For security and resource preservation,  I have the VPN connection timeout configured for 12 hours.  Afte...

Ricky S by Level 3
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Hello, Would anyone know if there is a history logs that I can check for the configuration file? To be specific, would like to check if when and who edited the IPSec VPN configuration on CIsco ASA. Thank you in advance!

The Anyconnect VPN client will always open when I boot my laptop.  Then throughout the day, the application will come to the foreground, and take focus from my activities in progress.I have fully uninstalled / reinstalled, however there is no improve...

inSitIrS by Level 1
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