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Hi Expert,I removed the peering of  but i found log below keep happening all the time . May 23 21:46:06.841 : %CRYPTO-6-IKMP_NO_PRESHARED_KEY: Pre-shared key for remote peer at is missing How should i resolve this proble...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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Iam fairly new to Cisco IOS and am having trouble getting an IPSEC tunnel to come up between 2 cisco 881-s. I have entered both debug crypto isakmp and debug crypto verbose but when I try to ping an internal IP at the other location through my VLAN1 ...

I have a very simple topo set up and wanted to similate a vpn with one site on dhcp address.R1----R2=======R3-----R4.R2 with static IP and R3 is supposed to be with DHCP.  The underlying routing works fine. But when i apply the crypto to the routers,...

hanwucisco by Beginner
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I have an ASA 5510 IOS 8.2(4), we are succefully using the Cisco IPSEC client with Radius authentication for users in an AD group.  Now we want to roll out the Clientless SSL VPN connection and limit access rights by using the Dynamic Access Policies...

rsculthorp by Beginner
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Remote-access users aren't able to reach our remote network through a site-to-site VPN tunnel between two ASA 5505's.I've seen several threads about that here, I've run through the walkthrough at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/products_co...

john by Beginner
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I have built a lab set up to test an encrypted GRE tunnel between my company and another. At our side, the router is in a DMZ, and the IP address ( gets translated into a public IP as it hits the Internet. When I apply the IPSEC configu...

I've seen docs that show how to configure ASA-to-ASA VPN sharing OSPF routes and for IOS-to-IOS sharing OSPF routes. Is it possible to do it from ASA-to-IOS device?I'm supposed to set up a DMVPN across a couple remote sites and there's an ASA at one ...

All,I need some advice.  I have a lot of users who have home installations sitting behind ASA5505s which are are connected via IPSec VPN to our main office.  As of now, the remote ASAs authenticate via LOCAL username and password.  I would like to se...

We're trying to bring up a remote site via a site-to-site tunnel.  The tunnel has been established.  The problem that we're having is with outbound internet traffic.  Web Port 80 traffic from the remote site should go through a web proxy.  HTTPS traf...

Hi ,We have recently purchase SA 540 security Appliance.At the moment Workers entering our network using VPN  via WEB. (and they find it very confusing  especially when they have to repeat this process over and over again).Is it possible to enable Ci...

amit by Beginner
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Hi. I have AnyConnect 2.5.2019 installed.  When I launch the product and sign in correctly, it begins with "Establishing VPN Session" and then starts a Download process with Version 2.3.0254.  After a 100% complete message in the task bar it finally ...

david by Beginner
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