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We are having an issue when connecting to a VM using our Cisco IPSec VPN connection.  Here is the scenario:1.) Connect to the office using Cisco VPN Client version Use a remote desktop connection to connect to a VM3.) Once on the VM yo...

Hello!Do anyone have successful experience with CRACK authentication on ASA? tell pls versions and coonfigurations.on asa version 8.0.4 authentication fails on certificate verification stage.debug after successful ike policy verification:Mar 15 19:18...

lubimov.m by Beginner
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Hello AllI've a asa 5510 on the main site and different ASA 5505 on secundary sites for VPN tunneling between the sites. The problem is that the tunnels are acomplished but no traffic is going over them. What am i doing wrong? For the moment there is...

Hi all!I have this enviroment:A windows server (W2000) acting as remote access server  (The LAN we are trying to reach is behind this equipment). In other site we have a 881 ISR.I need to configure a VPN between the Server and the CISCO. The goal is ...

Hi All,Is there any way to configure multilink pppoe?Dreamed scenario:Customer has two ADSL connection end up on two different ADSL modems. Both connected to the router's two ethernet port.The ISP take over the pppoe sessions from the DSL provider th...

kerek by Enthusiast
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Hi,I'm looking at deploying a GET VPN solution over DMVPN with a couple of Key Servers acting as hubs. Is this at all possible? To be both a key server and hub at the same time encrypting traffic from the hub (and what goes through it) to the Group M...

                                         |               |         |           |            |          |     lo1 vrf customerA   lo0      |  spokeA  |---------| C7301 |------------| Hub   |                             ...

Hi,The scenario is this:                                                                                                                                                        Proxy                                                                     ...

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