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I have an ASA5505 that terminates both an IPSec and SSL VPN (pool /24). It's 'inside' interface is in another ASA's DMZ ( When I VPN in I can access all resources inside, however I can not reach any services on the 172.1...

Hi Experts,I have a HTTP Server in DMZ which i need to give access to the Inside Network(LAN).I have configured the ASA 5510 as follows.Problem is i could access http and ping http server from LAN.Configuration:int eth0/0Description LAN Interfacename...

chamakurak by Beginner
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I installed the Cisco VPN Client last night so I could work from home. It installed fine and I was able to connect to my work no problem. When I was done and logged off, I then launched my Sling Box and I was unable to connect to it. The Sling Box...

RyanD by Beginner
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We have three sites A,B & C A: In India Noc office B: datacentre in US c: Client office we have STS vpn b/w A&B, B&C not A&C. we have a task of montioring the STS b/w B&C if any outages or failure our NOC in A should get the alert. Is their any free ...

Dear Friends , I am facing a peculiar issue with ISDN .For a particular customer , in a 3 tier architecture ,we use 2 backups .backup 1 , if the leased line fails , the access router fires the isdn ,connecting it to the distribution layer .If backup ...

I've got an ASA 5520 8.0(3) setup with two RA VPN groups - a "normal" user vpn group and an "Admin" user vpn group. With the Cisco VPN client, it's fairly easy to ensure only admin folks get the Admin PCF file. However, I recently setup SSL VPN as ...

derrickc by Beginner
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I was doing my thing and lost connection in one terminal so I did a 'show users' to clear the line I just dropped. What I saw was very scary:Router#sh run | i userusername user1 privilege 15 secret 5 username user2 privilege 15 secret 5 username use...

snickered by Beginner
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I'm using a command:access-list 101 extended permit ip 192.168.x.x eq 80but everytime I put it in it says eq is invalid.

mkingcsnm by Beginner
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I have an ASA 5510 that has Remote Access VPN and a Lan-To-Lan set up and working great. Local nets and users on the RA net can access networks across the Lan-To-Lan no issues. I added a second Lan-To-Lan to another site and only the local network ca...

macmad by Beginner
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