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Hi Guys,Is it possible to connect an ADSL connection to a Cisco 5505 ASA using PPPOE? I want to replace my dsl modem with the asa but need to know if it would accept and RJ11 connection for the adsl?Cheers,Ross.

ross_rulz by Level 1
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HiI cannot ping from one internal network ( to another internal network ( or and so on).The static route is in place and its working fine. I can ping these network from ASA but not from any workstations.The error I ...

raj.mathur by Level 1
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Hello all, I am very new to the LAN to LAN implementations and I need to implement one so my question is Do I need a Certificate Server? or is this over engineering? What do you guys think? Thank you very much for your help...

Hi everyoneI am having the challenge of installing EasyVPN based on ASA 5520 and ASA 5505 (with the ASA5505 as the vpnclient) with multiple networks behind the ASA 5505.Access from the network attached directly on the 5505 to the central site works j...

Hi.I need to configure a VPN L2L in a PIX firewall version 6.3, my problem is that the remote point must be to a domain name rather than an IP address, I need help with a example configuration file, steps and requirements.Thanks.

orangel by Level 1
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Hi there,Does anyone know when the usb ports on the ASA devices will be supported in the IOSThanks,Marc

mdowrich by Level 1
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HiI have two PIX (PIX1 and PIX2) to bulid up a L2L VPN tunnel. Both of two PIXs have default route pointing to ISP GW. If I change the default route to host route or static route on PIX1 and PIX2, the VPN tunnel doesn't work, but PIX1 and PIX2 can pi...

Hi,My org has 5 sites. The WAN is a star - One site connects to the center over fiber, another over Opt-E-Man, the last two over P2P T1s.All 5 sites have their own internet connections. It's a community college district, our internet links are prov...

Hi,I am setting up a VPN between 871 router and ASA 5505 for the first time and having some issue. I have attached my network diagram as well with the configuration of 871 and ASA. Although VPN tunnel is coming up i.e. sh crypto isakmp sa shows QM_ID...