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A few weeks ago I managed to get the DMVPN tunnel to work with dialer interfaces over an ISND 30 link. But after messing around with an EIGRP distribution list and the router config I can't get the routers to form an EIGRP relationship over the tunne...

BVC by Beginner
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Hi,This is my first post on the community.I have setup saml authentication against ADFS for the cisco VPN client v4.6.Everything is working fine and I see the ADFS authentication page in the AnyConnect browser. However when I enter a valid user accou...

slane16 by Beginner
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Hi everyone, i have challenge. I have an small office network,'s a ASA setup there, Anyconnect is enabled on it.Anyconnect runs full tunnel, no local LAN access.RA pool is exemptions is in place, overload is in ...

I am using VPN to connect to my client, Setup is as below, in my desktop there is a oracle virtual machine is running and there one ubuntu server is installed and in ubuntu-vm cisco any connect is installed, ubuntu machine one virtual NIC as NAT with...

I have a VPN I am setting up for our phone company to allow access from our main office to our satellite to connect their equipment. I am using Cisco ASA's at both end. I have the tunnel up but cannot ping across the tunnel. Probably should mention t...

Joe Mullis by Beginner
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We have a customer that is looking for a basic FW and is not interested in any of the Firepower features. They also need VPN capabilities to support VPN connections from Avaya IP Office VPN phones. If they purchase the standard ASA5508-K9 Cisco ASA 5...

dmelo63 by Beginner
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FNKSBRPR2#show crypto isakmp sa  IPv4 Crypto ISAKMP SAdst             src             state          conn-id status178.X.X.62  46.X.X.52    QM_IDLE           1036 ACTIVE178.X.X.62  46.X.X.52    MM_NO_STATE       1035 ACTIVE (deleted)FNKSBRPR2#FNKSBRP...

Hi Team, Need your assistance on the subject.We have a strange routing issue while connecting Cisco AnyConnect with Zscaler app running alongside > Zscaler app also add routes on the machine. It has its own virtual adapter> Issue we have is with a sp...

Ankush_07 by Beginner
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Hi all, I was finding it a little difficult to search this topic, so I decided I would go to the source in hopes that I could explain it better. I have a pair of cisco ASA 5516x in HA.  Currently I have an outside interface where all my remote access...

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