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Hi,ASA 5505---DSL Router---Internet---ASA 5520I have a setup as shown above...I have a ASA 5505 connected to inside interface of my broadband DSL Router. ASA 5505 will have private IP on its inside & outside interface. Only DSL Router outside interf...

rohit_s by Beginner
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When the Isakmp Sa rekeying takes place, does the Asa drop all current connections? Do the connections get dropped when the Ipsec Sa lifetime expires? And, one more, is there a standard design philosoply regarding the Isakmp Sa lifetime and the Ipsec...

I know this is a bit general, but I could really use some ideas on what else to check.We have had a site-to-site VPN up and running for several months. As of last Monday, the tunnel will no longer come up when traffic is initiated from my side of th...

mikeh by Beginner
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Can someone describe a setup which will allow me to telnet from my work computer to a lab I have setup at my house. Also, what physical connections would be needed? Here is my current setup: cable modem -- linksys router -- 2511

Hi, I am trying to set up a site to site VPN,My end is PIX & other end is VPN concentrator.but it seems that 2nd phase Quick mode is not coming up.I have uploaded the debug , can someone please analyze it & let me know the cause of the problem. Thank...

img by Beginner
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Hey Forum! We currently use PIX running 7.2.2 as our vpn end point for our remote access users and lan2lan connections. The LAN2LAN connections seem to remain stable while we get 3 to 4 complaints about the remote access VPN disconnecting users. Look...

nos by Beginner
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I've completed the configuration of an ASA5500 to support certificate authentication of DoD CACs and have everything working properly though I have an annoyance that I would like to fix:When a client attempts to establish an SSL VPN Session using the...

I am in the process of setting up a PIX 515e box in transparent mode. I have done all the basic configurations (set my inside and outside interfaces/enabled them, set the management interface, etc). I can ping from the device to both inside and out...

I get the following message in the VPN3030 log when I try to connect an 1801 to the VPN3030646 05/27/2007 17:43:40.350 SEV=4 IKE/127 RPT=452 Group [VPNC_Base_Group]Xauth required but selected Proposal does not support xauth,Check priorities...

my friends company is planning to start a new location and is planning to suport about 20 pcs. they are gonna use 1 routerand a cisco 506 firewall. i am not sure what type of routing protocol to use in this scenario.. they will have to conect to ano...

akademiks by Beginner
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Hello,Lets say i connect with my easy vpn client, to my workplace, where we have easy vpn server.Is there a way to use the internet from my work place, with my easy vpn client?From what i know, with easy vpn server you can protect traffic to some sub...

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