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cisco router, ios and anyconnect licensing

HI ! My company not long ago bought one of the cisco routers, it is 1921 with security feature. I've setup firewall on it and would like to use vpn feature for remote workers to be able to connect to corporate servers, etc. I choose annyconnect, sinc...

IPSLA between MPLS and S2S VPN

Hi Friends   My name is Deepthi and i work as a network admin. I am sorry if am troubling you with my message. I am working on MPLS, VPN and IPSLA.   I am new to the MPLS setups and everything and so this is getting super confused for me. Please do n...

Deepthi by Beginner
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Site to site VPN DNS problem

Folks,               I have a  simple site to site vpn setup using ASA's. We had overlapping address space on both sides therefore we are doing NAT as the traffic traverses over the IPSEC tunnel.   Since the VPN tunnel is between two different organi...

tpahuja by Beginner
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Spoke to Spoke VPN with NAT

The question how to configure spoke-to-spoke VPN traffic on the ASA with Dynamic NAT.   as Example:   SiteA: SiteB: Hub:   Site A should reach the hub with the same source IP (, but sh...

Resolved! Anyconnect client auto connect

Hello   I trying to get cisco anyconnect 4.4 client to connect at login. when away from the company.  I have starting and logging in as expected except before it finishes connecting I have to click on ok.  see attachment.  Is there a way to make it e...

Resolved! EIGRP through plain IPsec tunnel?

Hi All,I've always been under the impression that plain IPsec only pass IP unicast traffic through the tunnel.When I've needed to pass non-unicast or non-IP traffic, I've created a IPsec with GRE or VTI.But, I am currently at a customer's site where ...

Potential Threat

I have installed Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Version 4.6.01103 in Windows 10 64 bit, while connecting found an error as "Potential security threat detected with Secure Gateway's server certificate. Connection attempt has been terminated" ...

Per-Tunnel QoS for DMVPN

Hello, I want to configure per-tunnel QoS for dmvpn in my hub asr1002X   but it seems that the asr doesn't accept the " ip nhrp map group" command , can someone help me for that please ? Thanks in advance.  

by Not applicable
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ASA L2L VPN Filters vs VTIs

Has anyone had experience with using ACLs on VTI interfaces?  I am wondering about the following: 1)  Can you do inbound and outbound ACLs to filter L3 and L4 on the VTI interface? 2)  Is it standard directional ACL format?  Not the goofy formatting ...


Hi All,   I am working on a IPsec tunnel between 2 ASA`s but im having problems routing traffic between sites. The tunnel is established on both sides.   Currently I am getting received packets failed on both sides, sent is fine.         #pkts encaps...

Redrobin by Beginner
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Cisco ASA help with remote VPN

Our current setup has an ASA 5520 9.1 (7) 13   We use AnyConnect for our remote VPN clients. (Clients have the Any connect client pre –installed on their laptops.)   It uses IPsec v2 and an internal address pool for IP assignment.   We have the need ...

Martin B by Beginner
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