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HiI need help with the following problem. I have a Cisco router 891f with IPsec VPN configured and ios version 15 that connects to a cisco asa concentrator on the remote side. I want to use dual wan for backup connection if the main line fails. How d...

Hello!We are currently running multiple dmvpn clouds using certificates as authentication.We are in need of replacing our old PKI solution, and i was wondering what would be the best way to move forward to get as smooth of a migration as possible. We...

Andreas88 by Level 1
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I have setup a site to site VPN on my Cisco ASA 5510 to a watchguard firewall.Here is some information on the network(s)Cisco ASA Network: NetworkWatchguardNetwork: NetworkThis network has another VPN tunnel setup with an...

Will any AnyConnect configuration in Cisco Firepower 1140 work without a RADIUS server or(can add users locally)? Note that Firepower is configured locally, not from the FMC. Please let me know."              

Abdulahad by Level 1
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Router A- Cisco ISR4331Router B -  CISCO1941Router A and Router B are connected. they have ipsec Tunnel between them for encrypting the LAN traffic and WAN traffic will be passed between the link without encryption. Between these routers I have enabl...

Hi All,I need to implement IPv6 for ASA VPN. But I am not sure anyone have ever try this. According to the ASA_8.4_cli_cfg.pdf , IPv6 is not supported on ASA IPSEC vpn and remote client vpn. I do not have a ASA 8.4, Anyone can help me to verify on AS...

I've set it up with the HSRP address but the remote unit gives this error message: is the HSRP address2.2.2.3 is the real IP address.Local: Remote: Username: IKEv2 Negotiation aborted due to ERROR: Failed to authen...

red2play by Level 1
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Dear All,We plan to upgrade cisco anyconnect client version 4.9.x to 5.x.x. But during upgrade we have challenged one things on adding MAC address manaully to client provision. That's the quit challenge for us as administrator. Hence, could you share...

sot01 by Level 1
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Hello,I configured SAML (OKTA) Auth for an Anyconnect VPN and it works fine.1 - I want to configure the same method (SAML) for several profiles (tunnel groups), possible?if yes, how ? same application, certificat, idp , sp, trustpoint ?2- Is it possi...

cisco.13 by Level 1
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Hello to all, I want to display the Data in Bytes which are going through all VPN Tunnels of a Cisco C2900 Router. The command ,,Show Crypto ipsec sa "Peer IP" shows only the Number of pckts. I want to have an Overview of the costs in a Cloud Environ...

Mocisco by Level 1
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