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Dear all, I've been struggling to understand some debug output from my ASA which has a VPN configured with a remote checkpoint. In short; the problem is within the P1 & P2 rekey timers. I've defined both timers as 28800 (8 hours). We've matched up ...

Hi, I have the following setup. Cisco ASA 5520, Cisco ISE 1.2 and Active directory. The goal here is to hand out the static IP address defined in dial-in tab in AD to users connecting via Cisco IPSec VPN client to ASA. Cisco ISE is connected to ASA a...

I am working on transitioning from static IPSEC connections  to GRE with IPSEC connections we are also working to replace a 2821 router At our to be implemented DMVPN HUB site with an ASR1000 type router. The ASR does not support ted transform-set wh...

bymc by Level 1
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Hi, I have some queries: 1. I wanna understand when Pre-shared key is really exchanged in IPsec phase-1? Please explain it in the Main Mode and Aggressive Mode messages flow, be specific to the messages while explaining. 2. Which particular paramete...

Resolved! ASA vpn

HI, I configure the 10 Ipsec site to site tunnel's, when i configure the 11th tunnel phase 1 not establishing, I want debug the 11th isakmp packet, how debug the only for that particular tunnel isakmp packets

Hi,We're trying to establish vpn with azure's nvgre gateway but vpn is not established. Here is the log files any comments?Regards.Firewall# IKEv2-PROTO-1: (4):IKEv2-PROTO-1: Invalid responder's spiIKEv2-PROTO-1: (4): Detected an invalid value in the...

Resolved! sAMAccount issues

When user log into VPN, ASA is looking at CAC common Name instead of LDAP sAMAccountName for authentication.   Causing errors within log in script.  User cannot log into the VPN because of the issue. This is a two part problem;  having a certificatio...

Hi Team,   I cannot telnet into one of my switches. All the ports are in Vlan 7. Find the the attached config file. Kindly help me out. I hope the issue is about Vlan.   Thanks, Kumar

Hi, I have the following settings , for a vpn tunnel     group-policy Gpo_VPN internal group-policy Gpo_VPN attributes wins-server none     vpn-simultaneous-logins 3 vpn-tunnel-protocol ssl-client split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified split-tunnel-net...

elite2010 by Level 3
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