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Trying to wedge ASA into existing infrastructure. It will be behind an internet facing router. Never tried to do this before and not 100% sure how to do this. There are other ports on the router that have to remain untouched/unaffected. Internet --> ...

I'm having some difficulty getting an IPSec tunnel to work through an ASA5510 that is already configured with a number of different tunnels that it terminates, as well as individual VPN clients. There are four interfaces to consider: outside - 66.2...

We’d like to use a main firewall (Cisco ASA5512-X with FirePOWER) as central license server and four branch office firewalls (Cisco ASA5506-X with FirePOWER) as participating gateways.With the purchase of AnyConnect 5-Year Term Plus Migration Subscri...

Hello, we've a got an ASA5510 active/standby cluster with a Security Plus license for 50 Anyconnect Premium Peers, but after 2 active connections, I've got a "login failed" with the message on the ASA: "Session could not be established: session limit...

gaigl by Level 3
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Hi everybody, i saw that exists some changes betwen version 8.2 and 9.1 from ASA, how can update tht if I have this configuration that is the most important where i can reach the LAN with my remotes branch routers.The question is, what i have to do w...

Hi, I am doing migration of Anyconnect VPN from one ASA to another ASA. I need your suggestion. The migration needs to transfer anyconnect vpn configuration and customization. After I reviewed some documents, it looks like that both configuration and...

eigrpy by Level 4
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Dear AllDo you know there is a way to export VPN through ASDM ? There are a lot VPN in our ASA. It would take a lot time to transfer VPN one by one from one ASA to anther. I hope to export VPN configuration and then import it to anther ASA. Anyone ha...

eigrpy by Level 4
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