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We are migrating Easy VPN config from 3905 router to ASA5545. We are using ASA Version 9.2(2)4. We created wizard IPsec(IKEv1 Remote Access VPN Wizard). we finish the wizard and test our tactical Kit but unfortunately testing failed. There's an error...

Hi All, I hope someone can help me,i have one ASA5520 with 512m the RAM, i liki put 2G but when I change the RAM  at 2G,the ASA  give the mesage  booting waiting. I waited 30minutes and nothing happens. May 512m works very well, someone has had a sim...

arrimage by Level 1
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Hi, I am new to Anyconnect VPN. maybe my question is a little strange. I would like to know if certificate is required for ALL Anyconnect VPN ? I guess most of them need it. Do you think so ? If so, can I export the certificate from the ASA and then ...

eigrpy by Level 4
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Hi,I have to change the ASA outside public IP, which is providing the SSL VPN Phones service. I don't want to retrieve back all distributed VPN phones back to internal network. Can I set the secondary IP to work out this?

We have a remote VPN setup with AnyConnect 3.1.08009.  All users have a department and user share setup via DFS and can access without issue through the mapped drives while on campus whether wired or wireless.  When connected via VPN the mapped drive...

Resolved! S2S VPN

We have a S2S VPN setup for SAP/WMS system between to facilities, that includes Cisco VOIP phone that connect through Vonage. There is poor call quality in this setup, is it possible to exclude VOIP traffic from the VPN. If we plugin a phone directly...

I have a customer that wants to put their VPN/ASA behind the main ASA connected to the Internet.  Both appliances have an inside leg to the internal network, but the VPN ASA connects directly to the Internet ASA. Topology:Outisde FW:  Internet handof...

Hi,I have configured a 1841 router to connect to a Vodafone 3G vodem through an HWIC-AP-G-E card using the Universal Client Mode. This is working well.I am now trying to configure EZVPN on the 1841 so that the router will connect to a remote ASA usin...

rhuysmans by Level 1
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Trying to wedge ASA into existing infrastructure. It will be behind an internet facing router. Never tried to do this before and not 100% sure how to do this. There are other ports on the router that have to remain untouched/unaffected. Internet --> ...

I'm having some difficulty getting an IPSec tunnel to work through an ASA5510 that is already configured with a number of different tunnels that it terminates, as well as individual VPN clients. There are four interfaces to consider: outside - 66.2...