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Dear Team,I have a Cisco asa firewall, i would like to enable remote vpn (either ssl or client vpn).Please check the attached show version and suggest what are required or missing to enable these.Accordingly, i will get the things done and enable VPN...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Hello,I've created a site to site vpn from pix to azure using vpn wizard.in monitoring tab in IKE SAs I can see the status of the connection is QM_IDLEand in IPSec VPNs I can see a row for this vpn but no packet is transferring.Please let me know if ...

vahidfar7 by Beginner
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Hi I have quite a complex (to explain) VPN problem, I've built a model in GNS3 but I still cant get it to work. here is the topology 1. SiteW is the main site, if W-CLient wants to talk to S-Client (on SiteS) the traffic is simply NATTED to 106.200.1...

Hi Dears,I want to configure DMVPN on cisco routers. I want to configure dual ISP at spoke's. ADSL link is primary and 3g is backup and configure dmvpn.How i configure in HUB and Spoke sites? I want to use Eigrp protocol.

I am new to networking. I have a CISCO 3800 series router. I do have admin access, moreover I can configure it using CLI through Hyper terminal. I would like to ask if there is some GUI (maybe web based) that I can also use to check and perform confi...

amirsd001 by Beginner
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Helloactually i have situation as discuss below and I'm confused about design and implement which VPN topology i have to choose DMVPN, GETVPN or DVTI i have 4 branch and 1 main site, branches have 2 connectivity to HQ one via INTERNET an another via ...

John Mayer by Beginner
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Hello All,I have searched the forums and documentation but haven't found a solution to my problem.  I am guessing it comes up occasionally but maybe I am searching for the wrong thing.  We have rolled out AnyConnect to all of our laptops but are stru...

Hi All,I am trying to diagnose a VPN connection we are having. The platform is a 6504 with a SPA-IPSEC-2G installed, the config looks fine, but I am seeing the follow errors in the logs after run a "clear crypto isakmp"*Sep  9 12:29:59.778 UTC: Crypt...

We are using a CISCO ASA 5520 ASA Version 8.3(2).  We have a couple of users that use AnyConnect version 3.1.  When they VPN in they are unable to get to some websites.  They just do not load.  Other users have tried to use their credentials on their...

I'm currently using Cisco System VPN Client Version on Windows 8 x64.I'm able to connect to my work network but I cannot access to the servers and I also cannot reach hosts using the PING. Maybe it's a routing problem of my personal pc? A...

isoalbert by Beginner
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Hi All,I'm looking to have multiple site to site VPNs hanging off my one Outside Interface.I understand I can have one crpypto map assigned to the interface.If I want for example, one of the VPNs to  require PFS, but the other not to - do I just conf...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello everyone,If you configure a service-policy output on an interface that terminates/participates in DMVPN, does IOS perform traffic stats/counters before or after the traffic is encrypted? And do you also need "ip flow egress" configured for your...

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