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Hi all, We have a large number of 2702i's and 3602e's running lightweight code level and connecting to a AIR-CAP2504-CT-K9 throughout all of our branches. Occasionally, one or two of them will drop their static address, and try to use a DH...

OK, I have enrolled about 50 iPhones through the BYOD portal.  One of them gives me the attached error:  The system administrator has either not configured or not enabled a policy for your device.  Contact the help desk for assistance. I tired deleti...

hello there, can you help me where i can configure the wap321 AP to forward data just at port 8004.what i want to do is that a mobile device can access an http application through port 8004 , it mustn got anywhere else.i dont want to have the device ...

Trying to find out which one does what with regards to MSE and Prime, can the raw data be used from either or are their specific things that one does that the other doesn't?

Rockford by Level 1
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We have a working wireless setup using Aironet 1142 connected to Windows Network Policy Server using PEAP. Other clients can connect to the wireless fine but the 7925G phone just will not connect using PEAP. The only way we have been able to get it t...

Hi all .We have the environment with two appliance ISE (Version and we have a portal to make the authentication of users in AD( Active Directory).When we apply on ISE to permit only one cellphone by section the user connect with successful...

Dear Forum Members, Apologies if i am asking a foolish question. I have no prior experience in new mobility architecture. I am working on a design which includes the following. 3 x 3850 (acting as MA) 1 x 5508 (acting as MC) - Foreign Controller 1 x...

We only have AP and controller deployed, model: AP 3502/3702 joined the 5508 controller.While we would like to preform the below on the customized redirection pages, is that possible? SSID A -> Customized Page A -> google.com.hk SSID B -> Customize...

lc_calvin by Level 1
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