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how upload file .aes from wlc 2504.?

HelloI have a wlc 2504 white release, I want make a backup but I can not do the download file type code.thanks for your help. comands:(Cisco Controller) >transfer upload datatype CodeIncorrect input! Use 'datatype [config/crashfile/errorlog...

Resolved! More Than 1 DNS Server 3502I AP

Hello.  When I change a lightweight 3502I AP to static I can only specify one DNS server. I was wondering is it possible to specify more than one DNS server for a lightweight 3502i AP?  If the only DNS server I specifiy were to fail, how would that a...

802.11 g only

Hi ,  Is it possible to only enable 802.11g on my cisco aironet 1600 series ? I don't want N in there. many thanks

Random44F by Beginner
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AP121 Clients losing connection

Hello all,At our home/ office we have four AP121 clustered together as one. Every now and then our connected clients (iphone, ipad, macbook, windows tablets and laptops, …) loose the connection with the wireless and then we have to reconnect again. T...

2602 Ap and Cisco 3850

Hi, i would like to know if i could use hte cisco 3850 as a pass through to register with cisco 5508 at our main site. at the moment i can see the AP registering to cisco 3850 and not 5508. if i plug in the ap to a csico 2960 will connect to 5508 ?al...

Resolved! Cisco 1600i and 2504 Configuration Issues

Hello Guys, I need some serious help, please!I'm having a heck of a issue getting my 3 AIR-SAP-1602I-A-KP (Standalone) device to work with my WLC 2504I was told by Cisco that the standalone version will also work with controllers, but i cant get them...


We have AIR-CT5508-K9 WLC's running with IOS Code are adding new authentication servers to around 550 WLC's.While adding new servers to WLAN's we disable the WLAN and enable after adding I would like know SNMP OID to check the status of ...

Cisco MSE CMX problem

hi all, When I tried to configure CMX on my MSE after adding the license  i follow these steps: Choose Mobile Concierge Service > CMX Dashboard Configuration.Choose the Location MSE that the CMX Dashboard MSE gets the maps and location data from. It ...

APs randomly will not join the controller

Hi all,In short, APs will join the controller immediately using the recovery image, but once it downloads 7.6.100 and reboots, it either cannot join the controller or will take up to 40 minutes. The AP is in local mode. The AP 1040 eventually joined ...

ajc by Rising star
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WLCCA - Diagnosing RF issues

I know that the WLCCA tool isn't officially supported, but I for one would love to see a webinar where we are walked through some of the tricks and tips to diagnosing RF issues with this tool.  I know there are some WLCCA gurus out there, and would l...

WCS replacement?

Hey guys, what is the Cisco replacement path to WCS? We just upgraded our wireless controller and it appears WCS has some comparability issues.

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