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SSID with PSK not allowing clients to reconnect

I have a 2504 that has 2 SSID's configured. 1 SSID is corp and has WPA2-PSK enbabled and works just fine.  SSID 2 is guest and I would like to lock it down with a WPA2-PSK.  This works fine for 24hours then the clients that have been connected to SSI...

seghettia by Beginner
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Duplicate IP on Cisco 5508 LAG and Nexus 2k

  Hi all,I am having a problem that I cant seem to find anything wrong with. The setup is as following.A 5508 with interface LAG. 2 of a total of 4 interfaces are connected to a Nexus 2k  that is connected to a 5k fabric and the other 2 5508 interfac...

why some APs would register with Secondary WLC while they are configured to Primary WLC

Dears, I faced strange behavior  i have two WLC one primary and the other one secondary.some AP join to secondary WLC for short period (2 min or less) and returned to primary, while they are configured to primary WLC.Two WLC image version:

1552 outdoor wireless with 5760 Controller

Dear Folks, I would like to know, if outdoor wireless AP 1552, supports new controller 5760 , as I know it is the first ios based controller and in a presentation I saw , it would be ready by 1st quarter 2014. Please advise. Regards,Aaron

aaron7181 by Beginner
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Resolved! 5760 MC with 3850 MA question

With access points connected to a 3850 configured as a mobility agent of a 5760 mobility controller, on which device are the WLAN's and AP groups defined? I have a test environment set up in preparation for changing the role of several 3850 MC's to M...

cisco 3850 SSID qos

Hello all)I have the task to configure QoS for SSID. I have 1602E points and 4 SSIDs per point. I want to priorities one of them. APs are connected to cisco 3850. Please help me how can I do it?

SSC for 2600 AP

Do we need Self Signed Certificate in AP 2602I for registering it into WLC 5508?I'm planning to convert stand alone SAP2602I into CAP2602I then connect it into remote WLC via flex connect local switching.

Resolved! WLC Client Load Balancing

I am curious about the client load balancing feature for a Cisco WLC.  Basically, if Client Load Balancing is enabled on a WLAN, will clients in that particular WLAN be balanced based on the total client count on the AP or the client count on that AP...

AlexZmann by Beginner
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SPA232D with other DECT Handsets

I have just gone onto the NBN and now am trying to get the phone services sorted.I've bought a SPA232D came with the SPA-302D Handset.  I have that working fine calls in and out over VoIP. I have a couple of DECT phones being Commander and Doro units...


Hello Everyone, I have the following with me.1. AIR-MSE-3355-K9 - 1 Nos2. AIR-CT5760-50-K9 1 Nos3. AIR-CAP2602E-N-K9 - 5 Nos I want to1. Use one of the 5 AIR-CAP2602E-N-K9 as an IPSIs this possible, I want to know how. Can someone please guide me to ...

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